Italy: 2020 will be a good year to buy and refurbish a home in an Italian city

Photo: g_u/Flickr If you’ve been saving up to invest in a dream home in Italy, the country’s 2020 budget law has lots of new tax breaks to help you refurbish an old property in the country’s towns and cities. Italy’s government wants to encourage people to invest in old homes in the country’s urban areasContinue reading “Italy: 2020 will be a good year to buy and refurbish a home in an Italian city”

Seven reasons autumn is the best time to visit Italy

Beautiful sunsets and empty streets: That’s autumnn in Rome. Photo: Moyan Brenn/Flickr It’s never a bad time for an Italian holiday, but autumn is when the country really comes into its own. Read on for the top reasons you should book a trip here now. 1. The Colors Autumn by Lake Como. Photo: rglinsky/Depositphotos WhetherContinue reading “Seven reasons autumn is the best time to visit Italy”

An unfair split

In Italy, trusting a partner to do the best by you isn’t always a safe bet. That’s Queer  In a gay relationship, 50-50 isn’t an equal proposition and can unexpectedly leave a trusting partner on the brink My move to Italy in 2001 sharply curtailed my career possibilities and earning power. The best I couldContinue reading “An unfair split”

Italy: Italian town warns people to ‘stop dying’

The medieval town of Sellia, Calabria. Photo: Comune di Sellia Fewer Italians are having children, and the country’s population growth is almost at zero. A small medieval village in Calabria has taken a unique approach to the problem of its dwindling and ageing population: ban people from getting sick. Davide Zicchinella, the mayor of Sellia, inContinue reading “Italy: Italian town warns people to ‘stop dying’”

Italy: Bacon’ me crazy

Good luck finding lean bacon in Italy. By Elisa Scarton Detti/The American in Italia Why can’t you find real bacon in Italy? This is the salumi capital of the world. There must be 500 different kinds of prosciutto at my local supermarket. The Italians even mash bunches of offal and fat into what they seductivelyContinue reading “Italy: Bacon’ me crazy”

How the weak euro is boosting tourism to Italy

The weaker euro is expected to bring more visitors to Italy this year. Photo: Italy tourist photo: Shutterstock The drop in value of the euro is expected to bring more visitors to Italy this year, with the owner of a villa complex reporting his busiest ever start to the year for bookings. By: Angela Giuffrida/The LocalContinue reading “How the weak euro is boosting tourism to Italy”

Lorenzo’s plight

Too often, 21st-century discussion of HIV gets lost in the shuffle. By Mark Campbell/The Americans The European economic crisis has made it very hard for young Italians to find jobs. The few available opportunities offer poor working conditions and awful pay. Independent of their educational background, Italy’s youth justifiably feels that there’s little future atContinue reading “Lorenzo’s plight”

ITALY: In the sticks “Che cavolata!”

Rural life can be lovely and charming, even idyllic, but it also comes with downsides.   By: Elisa Scarton Detti/The American/Italy  A couple of weeks ago, my pitiful green thumb and negligent watering habits sounded the death knell for my hydrangeas, and I consoled myself in gossip. There is nothing more satisfying about living inContinue reading “ITALY: In the sticks “Che cavolata!””

Five reasons to date an Italian (and five not to)

 Why you should: 1) They’re beautiful. Italians live up to their reputation as being some of the most beautiful people on earth. Footballer Fabio Cannavaro, pictured here, is one of countless Italians to have captured hearts with his classic dark hair and olive skin. As well as being descendants of Roman Gods, modern-day Italians know howContinue reading “Five reasons to date an Italian (and five not to)”

BIG MAN RIDES: 2014 Fiat 500 L ” The Next Big Thing?”

500L Trekking Many shoppers looking for a roomy car might pass by the Fiat 500L.  A grievous error in my opinion. This 6.4 350 pound man found the Fiat to be one of the roomiest  cars on the planet.   Two days before my test drive, I drove a 2012 GMC Yukon, and I foundContinue reading “BIG MAN RIDES: 2014 Fiat 500 L ” The Next Big Thing?””