Sacrandom: Radiation,Rihanna,and Heads of Lettuce

Two heads are better than one: David and Goliath (The Dollar Stores vs Wally Mart)  Wally is not having a good time.  He’s being attacked on all fronts. called it the worst store in America.  Its the least loved store on Social Media. Its being sued for discrimination by more than one million women.  SurveysContinue reading “Sacrandom: Radiation,Rihanna,and Heads of Lettuce”

An Updated Version of the Classic American Tale

This is the Classic American Tale………..a Rags to Riches story. In 1977 ,  Abolghassem “Abe” Alizadeh was 17 years old, his family owned a large farm in Iran. They wanted their son  to get an education outside the country with the hopes of returning with new and modern farming methods. The original  plan for  Abe was to study  in Italy.Continue reading “An Updated Version of the Classic American Tale”