Who’s Funny? (Ladies)

We ask the pros Can a pretty girl be funny? MARGARET CHO (Lifetime’s upcoming Drop Dead Diva): I remember seeing beautiful girls do stand-up, and it was a disaster every time. Not only were people not gonna listen to you because you’re a woman, if you’re good-looking, people really don’t want to listen to you. SUSIE ESSMANContinue reading “Who’s Funny? (Ladies)”

Liberals aren’t Funny

In the tense ,pivotal scene in the movie “Moonstruck”  grandpa say’s “someone tell a joke” The same could be said to host’s of  Liberal talk Radio.  Conservative’s get it.  before he appointed himself God Rush Limbaugh  was extremely funny. Today’s Bill O’ Reillyis funny and very entertaining. Love it or hate it Conservative talk radio seems to haveContinue reading “Liberals aren’t Funny”