Ten Years of Beyonce

Photo: Google 10 years of Beyoncé: A decade “causing all this conversation” Beyoncé’s work over the last decade is groundbreaking — but it is also filled with questions and contradictions. By Sarah Olutola/The Conversation.   When the American Music Awards gave Taylor Swift the title of Artist of the Decade, TV show host Wendy Williams wasContinue reading “Ten Years of Beyonce”

George Zimmerman part 10,001: When you cant get out of your own way

I have written more than a dozen blogs about George Michael Zimmerman. Florida’s Stand your Ground law, that prevented  Mr Zimmerman from prison caused me to re-think traveling to the Sunshine State.  My sometimes intimidating extra large black presence could generate fear to an Floridian who might shoot me because they were fearful for theirContinue reading “George Zimmerman part 10,001: When you cant get out of your own way”

Jay Z reportedly calls Kanye a nut Job Is the friendship over?

Photo: Google While most of us keep are private problems, issues at home.  We don’t take them the work and share them with fifteen to twenty thousand strangers.   But we are not Kanye West, fans pay him to hear some of his personal issues. According to Page six Carlos Greer.  Music insiders has say’sContinue reading “Jay Z reportedly calls Kanye a nut Job Is the friendship over?”

Electric Swamp Sandwich

It sucks, Sucks, I MEAN Really Sucks 2 B U ! (Photo: Newsweek)               He said What! Your Fffing Kidding me Right?                      Oh F***, F***,F*** After many weeks of Hand Wringing, Paul Ryan finally endorses Donald Trump and then DonaldContinue reading “Electric Swamp Sandwich”

Rappers in Women’s clothing

Jay Z wearing a $405 football jersey from Rodarte, available at Shopbop.    By Max Berlinger/Esquire.com  Yesterday, Mr. Beyoncé Knowles and he who has a perfectly swell relationship with his sister-in-law Solange, stepped out wearing an oversize football jersey designed by the California-based sisterly duo behind the cult label Rodarte Here’s the catch: the shirt was originally designed withContinue reading “Rappers in Women’s clothing”

Wendy Williams is America’s best Solange/Jay Z commentator

BY: Daniel D’ Addario/ Salon In the aftermath of the scandal over Solange Knowles hitting her brother-in-law, Jay Z, in an elevator after the Met Gala, the talk-show host Wendy Williams has had one of the biggest weeks of her career — and proven in the process just how unlike her contemporaries she is. Williams,Continue reading “Wendy Williams is America’s best Solange/Jay Z commentator”

Friday Mash Up “Whitney”

WHITNEY HOUSTON  (1963-2012)  Tip your I-pod or Mp3 players to  Jay-Z and Beyonc’e . Like most celebrities they could have made oodles of money selling pictures of their daughter “Blue Ivy Carter” to People or some magazine.  They chose instead to download the picture on the internet for everyone to see.   “Money Can’t Buy You Class” Meanwhile backContinue reading “Friday Mash Up “Whitney””