Mindless Jibber Jabber for Thursday, Sept 18, 2014

Did you know Taylor Swift is 5.11″ and is Peoples Magazine’s best dressed woman for 2014?    Do you care?   Me neither…..   Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson is going to re-activate his “THINK BIG” team to work on yet another professional sports franchise.     Hey! Johnson, how about getting a group to attract a companyContinue reading “Mindless Jibber Jabber for Thursday, Sept 18, 2014”

How do you turn on the Radio ?

Auto Infotainment systems problematic for renters and automakers  By:CityFella For decades, the left knob turned on the radio and the right knob changed the station. By the eighties automakers added a  power button. Well that was so 2007.  In many cars the power button and the knobs have been replaced with touchscreens and interfaces. You’ve EnteredContinue reading “How do you turn on the Radio ?”

2014 Jeep Cherokee First Drive “Automobile Magazine”

We’re behind the wheel of the new Jeep Cherokee, nose pointed at the sky, our spotter’s hands barely visible over the hood. We’re at a stair-step climb on the Hell’s Revenge trail outside of Moab, Utah, and the Cherokee hesitates briefly as one rear wheel loses contact with terra firma. But then the locked rearContinue reading “2014 Jeep Cherokee First Drive “Automobile Magazine””

DETROIT TO ROMNEY: Stop Lying ! GM and Chrysler refutes Ohio ads

Two steps forward, two steps back , the wind WAS blowing in his direction.  Its gonna be anyone’s race.    With less than a week to go both campaigns ideally would want to  avoid all and any controversy .    This has been a very interesting race, both candidates entered the race with baggage. Obama’s problems beganContinue reading “DETROIT TO ROMNEY: Stop Lying ! GM and Chrysler refutes Ohio ads”

Mommy look, there is a lady on top of that car!

So your on your way to the Mall of Georgia and you see this woman on the hood of an SUV on I-85, what to do? 1. Call the Police? 2. Take out your handy phone and give chase so you’ll be the first to upload it on You Tube? 3. Try to slow the SUV. Citizens calledContinue reading “Mommy look, there is a lady on top of that car!”