An old joke and Downtown Sacramento

By CityFella Man walks by pet store and decides to come in. Once inside, he falls in love with a Parakeet who is singing in a large elaborate cage. The salesman says, he can talk too.    “Polly want a cracker? and the bird says cracker? This brings a big smile from the man andContinue reading “An old joke and Downtown Sacramento”

South on 99 to Interstate 5 then 405

They met online in a shady chat room, a place were conversations often begin with hi or stats and end with an address.  A place were  two  full sentences are rare and rarer still ,friendships.  A online conversation that grew into a friendship.  They talked several times a day, about work,school the perils of datingContinue reading “South on 99 to Interstate 5 then 405”

He Loves the Nightlife-Newly elect Governor Jerry Brown Moves Midtown

A lot has changed in Sacramento since he was first elected Governor back in the  seventies.  The Metro area has added a million people since he was the Chief of California. California is one of the few states that does not have an official Residence.    Back in the day, Nancy Regan was clear, she wasn’t living Governors Mansion  (whichContinue reading “He Loves the Nightlife-Newly elect Governor Jerry Brown Moves Midtown”

Hollywood comes to Sacratomatoville ” 2010 California Hall of Fame

Hector Amezcua /

Bloomberg is # 2 and Channel 13 goes retro: Just sayin for Nov 3,2010

While all the other stations 3, 10,40 went  high tech with touch screen computers, channel 13’s reporters used a marker to color in states as they turned red- and she stayed remarkably within the lines. Speaking of KOVR, the skyline used at the opening on the news looks more like Philadelphia than Sacramento, the shot last less thanContinue reading “Bloomberg is # 2 and Channel 13 goes retro: Just sayin for Nov 3,2010”

Yikes Meg, it Sucks to be you.

After telling the world, she knew nothing about a letter.   The letter appears… AWKWARD!!!! A communication problem?  With her husband.. “Meg Whitman is exposed as a liar and a hypocrite,” Allred said. She can’t sue the “Opportunist” Lawyer-in fact she made the ambulance chaser creditable. The fact is Whitman, broke no laws…. Her team doing damage controlContinue reading “Yikes Meg, it Sucks to be you.”

Brown/Whitman Debates (The morning after truth)

Whoa, that didn’t take long for the first truth-stretcher. Jerry Brown said that  Meg Whitman wants to suspend the state’s landmark climate change law. She does, for one year. But that’s not the entire story. After some hemming and hawing, she came out last week against Proposition 23, the ballot measure which would all but killContinue reading “Brown/Whitman Debates (The morning after truth)”


I had high hopes for a great fight this primary.  Two Ceo’s , two successful business leaders you being a billionaire and Steve Poizner a near billionaire.   Meg, where is your fight?  We’ve all seen your infomercials,  But they wont get you elected.  While there are many challenges facing this state. you and your opposite are spending time fighting over who has the most  street cred… who is theContinue reading “MEG! MEG! MEG!”

Gubernatorial Candidate and Billionaire Meg Whitman might outspend Billionare Michael Bloomberg for Cal Governor

Money makes the, world go around ,the world go around, the world go around.. The 2010 California gubernatorial campaign is on track to be the most expensive nonpresidential election. If you don’t know who Meg Whitman is, you will in the next few weeks, as her radio and tv ads hits nearly every airway in thisContinue reading “Gubernatorial Candidate and Billionaire Meg Whitman might outspend Billionare Michael Bloomberg for Cal Governor”