For the love of Maury

Depending which side of the Sofa your setting on 1991 was the high point or low point for Television.

     September 9th, the Maury Povich Show Premiered

September 16th The Jenny Jones Show

                       September 30th The Jerry Springer Show

Talk shows were on fire. 

Oprah Winfrey had passed Donahue in the ratings.   By the late eighties Ms Winfrey’s show wasn’t as high brow as Phil’s and the audience ate it up. 

Maury, Jenny and Jerry Initially were lower quality copies of Oprah. Problem was they weren’t Oprah!

Over time each of the shows host found their niche.

By 95, Maury Povich was simply Maury and while the show covered many topics, by 2008,it came together with paternity testing being the central theme.

There are no surprises, the mother is convinced that the man she brought to the show is the child’s father.  Look at the forehead, the dimples, the little crinkle in the lip she pleads.   If the families are involved there will be loud denials  (That ain’t my child!) or the all purpose,it could be anybodies, shes a ho! 

The audience is caught up in the drama.   Finally, the results are brought to the stage and read by Maury, who learns the paternity when everyone else does. 

When it comes to Baby Alice, “You are NOT the father”   The mother is off, she runs up the stairs in complete shock and makes the (Connecticut Curve) and runs down the ramp or falls down the ramp on the floor where she is a heaping pile of tears.

I particularly  like when they don’t make the curve and bounce off the wall (yes, I have a sick twisted sadistic side) .   Maury often invites the women back to locate Baby Alice’s papa. 

I’ve always questioned where they find these people to completely humiliate themselves on National TV.  There was one women who was on nearly a dozen times trying to locate the father of her child.  

These people aren’t paid.  They are flown out for the taping, put into a hotel for one night and fed.         On a flight to Chicago, I met two young people from Auburn California on route to Ricki Lake show. It was their first time on a plane.  I asked if their parents knew? and their faces turned red. 


“Fast Fact”

For the first 18 seasons Maury was taped in the Hotel Pennsylvania in New York, where he show shared the facility with the Sally Jessie Rapheal Show and the Peoples Court.

In 2009. the show moved to Stamford Connecticut  where they now share a faculty with The Jerry Springer Show and the Steve Wilkos Show.

There are many people, who poo poo reality shows and shows like Maury. Springer and Maury have been on for 26 years.  So someone is watching  and if its you, we wont tell too many people.





He blabbed about their secret and she tried to mow him down in her Mercedes Benz

Image result for kATHLEEN DAVIS florida

Photo: Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office

This story has the ingredients to fill a segment on “Jerry Springer”


Jupiter Florida mom AND Mercedes Benz owner. 58 year old Kathleen Regina Davis

HAD an affair with her daughters husband !  Yes, Yess Yessssss

Her 33 year old son in law (soon to be EX) told her daughter of the affair!

Kathleen wants him to DIE!

She blames him for ruining her relationship with her daughter and she is beyond mad!

Image result for i live in denial

Someone is in denial

On Sept 20th 

She drove to his Crestdale Street home and allegedly tossed several eggs at his residence and vehicles.


Image result for pissed

When the Palm Beach Gardens police arrived, they saw Mommy in law driving in circles in the front yard of the house while attempting to hit her former lover with her Mercedes.

He told police he was nearly hit by the Mercedes “multiple times”

I wanted to run him over and I wanted him to DIE!!! is what Kathleen told Police.

Davis is facing a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill and was released from the Palm Beach County Jail on Sept. 22 after posting a $3,000 bond.


This sounds perfect for the ID channel

Related image

Murder by Mercedes 

Mercedes Dearest?

Bent by da Benz? 

These are all lame, So will end here.

Your Welcome


Reality to Reality: Only a Reality Star can Moderate the next Presidential Debate

The last Presidential debate was a circus where Donald Trump was the star, Martha Raddatz and Anderson Cooper did their very best to contain the Businessman/Reality Star.

Lester Holt, was fair at best trying to contain the Trumpster.   Fox’s Chris Wallace will take his turn at the desk at the third and final debate in Las Vegas on Wednesday.

These are Professional news corespondents, with years of experience interviewing politicians .The problems is, Donald Trump is no politician. He is a businessman/reality show star.   To put out a fire, a big fire, you need Professional firefighters.   Reality Star Donald Trump needs a Reality Star to moderate the  next presidential debate.  Moderators of reality shows are experienced.

The front runners are , Maury Povich , Jerry Springer and Andy Cohen.

Springer a former politician has the temperament (a key word) to moderate a good debate however, should things become slow, he may encourage a fight between Clinton and Trump.

Before he became the king of paternity, Maury Povich was a news reporter with more than twenty years as news anchor.  Maury has presence, and is very experienced in controlling a room and he is the ONLY host who is able to perform a maternity test (should a woman in the Town Hall audience announce Donald touched and is the father of her triplets) within the allotted time.

Andy Cohen is significantly younger than Jerry and Maury.  While he doesn’t have their years of experience, what he does have is the ability to get information and instantly fact check the candidates and bring a level of entertainment to the debate.

Of the three men, only Andy as moderator has successfully moderated six or more reality stars on one stage.  Men and women who scream, throw tantrums and sometimes leave their seats to confront other reality stars. Watch as Andy inserts himself in some of these violent confrontations .

Should the goings get slow, Andy is very adept in stirring the pot.


It takes a Reality Star to Moderate a Reality Star

Image result for andy cohen and the real housewives

In Las Vegas, Andy Cohen is THE man.

Image result for andy cohen


Kidstuff: A brief moment of Pride

As a parent, I was always proud of my children.   I’ts normal to think your child is exceptional , and its particularly rewarding when you hear kind words about your children from others.   My son was in third grade when we moved to Sacramento and his sister was in day care.

Parent teacher meetings are held during the day when the children are young.   On this day, we not only meet his teachers , we meet the staff at the after school program.

Throughout the meetings our son was getting rave reviews, “he’s quiet-respectful and joy to work with”.  We look forward to seeing him, he is very willing to help, he helps us with the other students.

Our cheeks, hurt from smiling….

Were one stop away from Leatherby’s Ice Cream Parlor,(who doesn’t love Leatherby’s?) I have to pick up his sister.   I can’t stop rubbing his head, I am sooo proud.    People seem to like his sister, he is the shy one and she is  charmer.   As I walk into the day care, she is surrounded by children, typical….

More pride, ah my face hurts!    Can this day get any better!

The day care supervisor greets me and asks to speak with me.   ” Its been a challenging day today-your daughter has a lot of energy.  She has been chasing the boys and lifting up her dress- I thought I should you should know.

Poof -the balloon popped.  OMG,  Will my daughter be a stripper?  I could picture her being interviewed  on TV (“I knew stripping was my career choice when I was four-the boys  got such a thrill when I lifted up my dress)  Or will she be in the audience on Springer-earning her beads?

  Lots and Lots of Ice Cream, Ice Cream will make things better-lets go.