Flying Turkey 2013 (3 Airports 1 day)

Three airports 3400 miles on  (Thanksgiving Day) 2013.  Most people want to be with their families on Turkey day.   Flying  on Thanksgiving day can save you hundreds…. AND you will avoid the traffic by flying on Turkey Day So you’ll miss the cutting of the Turkey there will be plenty of food when youContinue reading “Flying Turkey 2013 (3 Airports 1 day)”

A dead Osama Bin Laden and that uneasy feeling

It was almost a typical Sunday evening, The Amazing Race was on,  and just as I was going to find out which team was going to be eliminated the show was interrupted by ‘A Special Report from CBS News  ” American Forces have killed Osama Bin Laden”   I listened without  reaction. I considered turningContinue reading “A dead Osama Bin Laden and that uneasy feeling”