The Great Race (Part 5)

Candidates from L to R : Amy Klobuchar, Cory Booker, Pete Buttigieg, Bernie Sanders,     Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Andrew Yang, Beto O’Rourke, Julian Castro      Thursday night debate@ Texas Southern University, Houston Texas There are still over twenty Democratic candidates vying to be the next President of the United States. The top […]

The Great Race: Detroit ( nite 2)

Fight @ the Detroit Fox The Great Race entered its final day in Detroit. The winners will move on to the next round in Houston. There were a lot of punches thrown at the principle targets Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. If there is a clear winner in the Detroit debates it was Elizabeth Warren. […]

Who is the next John McCain?

I never followed the Career the Arizona Senator,  I knew of his heroism and didn’t agree with his conservatism.  But he was a gentleman.  We’ve all seen him tell a supporter  who said she didn’t trust his opponent ,Barack Obama  because he was an Arab and Muslim , McCain response was no ma’am. He’s a […]

John McCain: Honor at no extra charge

My mother said dont, send me flowers after I’m gone.  For months,I had planned to write about Senator John McCain a man I have admired since 2008.  Being the master procastinator I am, I’ve waitied until what could be his final days. Perhaps service wasn’t an option for John Sidney McCain III.  His father,   John […]

Congress, Tell Obama No!

By: CityFella Pride, honor, war! President Obama drew a line in the sand and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad‘s crossed it.  We believe his government is using chemicals on its citizens .   Within hours, President Obama assembled Americas might, ready to make good on his threat. In the eleventh hour, someone reminded the president of the […]

20 Children Killed 6 Adults Killed The Republican Party ” No Comment”*

* Until the National Rifle Associations speaks…. At a press conference today, NRA vice president  Wayne La Pierre ,called  for a program to arm and train guards in schools as the best way to protect children from gun violence. The group blamed video games, the news media and lax law enforcement – but not guns – for […]

The what’s that again file? ” Mayor Kevin Johnson is heading to North Carolina to campaign for Obama”

Perhaps our mayor is well known in North Carolina.   We have to imagine there will be a media frenzy when he steps off the plane.   Someone within the Obama administration said, after you call Bill call Kevin.  We need him to invigorate the party!   To drive our message home!  Perhaps we have all under estimated his […]

Donald Trump as GOP hopeful: Take him seriously

It’s time to take Donald Trump seriously as a presidential candidate. Three, two, one . . . okay, time’s up. Unbelievably, the waxen-haired real estate tycoon is at the front of the pack of contenders who are racing, or thinking about racing, for the Republican nomination. This isn’t merely improbable. It is literally unbelievable, as if a trout were reported to […]

RHOA Season 3 Finale: High Drama/High Style

A million dollar dream wedding planned.  A couple of days before,  you dont have the cash to pay the bar tab.  No cash for wedding bans. Just months before you discover your fiancées business is failing taking your life savings with it.   Your close friends and family are suddenly not as excited as you about […]

EX Girlfriend said, (Thomas) loved Porn

Note: To Ginni (Virginia Thomas) add fiber before dialing-Cityfella In the wacky coda to one of the most searing chapters in American history, everyone remained true to form. Anita Hill reacted with starchy disgust. Ginni Thomas came across like a spiritually addled nut. Clarence Thomas was mute, no doubt privately raging about the trouble women […]