Trump: Is it in his Kiss?

What is it about Donald John Trump?  That makes him so bloody irresistible that people discard every thing they know is true to get his approval?  Some go so far as to go to jail for this man.    A man who’s loyally is limited to his last name. Well respected individuals who have spentContinue reading “Trump: Is it in his Kiss?”

Russia Sends Three More Warships to the Syrian Coast

The missile cruiser Moskva, part of the Black Sea fleet. Russia is strengthening its naval presence off the coast of Syria by deploying three more warships to the region, bringing its total fleet in the eastern Mediterranean to 10 vessels. Admiral Viktor Chirkov said Russia is beefing up its military presence in order to protect against the “slightest threat to national security,” BBC Russia reported.Continue reading “Russia Sends Three More Warships to the Syrian Coast”

Donald Trump as GOP hopeful: Take him seriously

It’s time to take Donald Trump seriously as a presidential candidate. Three, two, one . . . okay, time’s up. Unbelievably, the waxen-haired real estate tycoon is at the front of the pack of contenders who are racing, or thinking about racing, for the Republican nomination. This isn’t merely improbable. It is literally unbelievable, as if a trout were reported toContinue reading “Donald Trump as GOP hopeful: Take him seriously”

Crackberries in the House

Mr. Speaker, please don’t. Go ahead, if you must, and cut taxes. Slash spending. Repeal health care. I understand. Elections have consequences. But BlackBerrys and iPads and laptops on the House floor? Reconsider, before it’s too late. The current rules bar the use of a “wireless telephone or personal computer on the floor of theContinue reading “Crackberries in the House”