Looking for A Hero

 I’m not a Democrat or Republican. I’m gonna try not to bore you by repeating the statements and arguments of the last few months, the lines have been drawn. President Trump’s Ukrainian adventure benefited Donald Trump. The vast majority of the witnesses who have testified, were appointed by the Trump Administration. The majority of blockedContinue reading “Looking for A Hero”

Who is the next John McCain?

I never followed the Career the Arizona Senator,  I knew of his heroism and didn’t agree with his conservatism.  But he was a gentleman.  We’ve all seen him tell a supporter  who said she didn’t trust his opponent ,Barack Obama  because he was an Arab and Muslim , McCain response was no ma’am. He’s aContinue reading “Who is the next John McCain?”

“Silly White House” Part 161W “Hiding the USS John McCain Warship

  They’re a chuckle a minute. Those silly willy staffers at the White House. The Wall Street Journal first reported there were conversations about keeping the USS John McCain out of King Trump’s sight while he was in Japan.  WSJ reported a tarp was put in place to cover the war hero’s name. With McCain’sContinue reading ““Silly White House” Part 161W “Hiding the USS John McCain Warship”

Trump: Is it in his Kiss?

What is it about Donald John Trump?  That makes him so bloody irresistible that people discard every thing they know is true to get his approval?  Some go so far as to go to jail for this man.    A man who’s loyally is limited to his last name. Well respected individuals who have spentContinue reading “Trump: Is it in his Kiss?”

Best Friends

Lindsey Graham and John McCain were best friends.  Graham is Megan Mccain’s godfather.   Senator Graham has been largely silent as his best friend is being maligned by President Trump.   What about your friends, will they stand their ground, Will they let you down again? What about your friends, are they gonna be lowdown,  WillContinue reading “Best Friends”

Got a mint? Michelle O and George W “Reminds us how great we are”

  The image of George W handing Michelle B a piece of candy at John McCain’s funeral broke the net today. I'd like to think that moments like this between W. Bush and Michelle Obama are what McCain was hoping for. pic.twitter.com/vYE3A46Ity — BOOrenna KILLiams 🎃 (@brennawilliams) September 1, 2018 The Obama’s and Bush’s haveContinue reading “Got a mint? Michelle O and George W “Reminds us how great we are””

Republican Party: Hero’s Needed !

  Photo: Google Winning the Battle and Losing the War More than 30 Republicans have announced they planned to retire by 2019. The latest, is California’s Darrell Issa.   Issa was first elected to Congress in in 2001. For many years his  district representing Western San Diego Country was considered safe district for the Republican Party. The demographicsContinue reading “Republican Party: Hero’s Needed !”

John McCain: Honor at no extra charge

My mother said dont, send me flowers after I’m gone.  For months,I had planned to write about Senator John McCain a man I have admired since 2008.  Being the master procastinator I am, I’ve waitied until what could be his final days. Perhaps service wasn’t an option for John Sidney McCain III.  His father,   JohnContinue reading “John McCain: Honor at no extra charge”

Lets create a war with Korea. Perhaps this will slow the Russian Investigation

 North Korea Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho (Photo: AFP) Far fetched?  Based on everything that has happened (so far) with the Trump administration is this the idea far fetched? Yesterday,  North Korea Minister Ri Youg Ho accused Donald Trump of declaring war with his country after tweeting ” North Korea wont be around much longer”Continue reading “Lets create a war with Korea. Perhaps this will slow the Russian Investigation”

The Republians Pledging Their Allegiance to Donald Trump?

If your a political junkie 2016 has been the WTF? of the decade.  Everyone is scratching their heads.    The Grand Ole Party has had its share of fringe candidates but who could Trump, TRUMP! Many people are drawn to his celebrity . We know a something about celebrity here in California. In 2002, CaliforniansContinue reading “The Republians Pledging Their Allegiance to Donald Trump?”