Showtime for John Saca

  His family has Sacramento in its DNA.  He went to Sacramento State.  His family’s “Filco” stores has been a part of Sacramento for decades. He’s ambitious, a formative salesman and for a brief moment, he was the prince of Sacramento. His project “The Towers on Capitol  Mall with two, fifty three story condominiums wouldContinue reading “Showtime for John Saca”

Sacramento Needs John Saca

Visionary: a person given to fanciful speculations and enthusiasms with little regard for what is actually possible. 2. A person with unusual powers of foresight. 3.airy: not practical or realizable; speculative; “airy theories about socioeconomic improvement”; “visionary Sacramento has experinced tremendious growth in the last 10 years.  With most developments looking like the next.  If thereContinue reading “Sacramento Needs John Saca”