Real Housewives of Atlanta (Ep20) About A “B”

    The Real Housewives of Atlanta (Episode 20) could have been phoned in , it was ultimately saved by the maturity of two older men Greeg Kenya ( F is for Fake) First we have a fake boyfriend, now an invisible African boyfriend that worships her veneers, so a fake baby seems natural, right? TheContinue reading “Real Housewives of Atlanta (Ep20) About A “B””

Chavis Carter: They say it was Suicide

Asking the average person, how a man handcuffed behind his back, find a gun on his person and then shoot himself in the temple.. often leaves them shaking their heads.. Then when you add that the person, was pat down by the police not once but twice…..more shaking. Judge Judy often say’s if it doesn’tContinue reading “Chavis Carter: They say it was Suicide”

Cussing in front of a nun, Exploding Diet Sodas, and will Life Alert make younger?

I need to exercise, I almost want to exercise, what I want is a machine that will give me a full workout as I sleep.    This day I figured I’d go outside before its gets hot.  After  Judge Judy and after the Housewives, and the news.  Well the next thing you know its threeContinue reading “Cussing in front of a nun, Exploding Diet Sodas, and will Life Alert make younger?”

Women-Ladies-Girls-Stop Being Stupid!

I’m addicted to the judge shows, not sure why, I like the micro-dramas and usually in the end the bad guy gets it…     I am also amazed by the silly cases.    People who want their entire cost of their wedding refunded because of crack in the wedding cakes icing or because theContinue reading “Women-Ladies-Girls-Stop Being Stupid!”