2013 Emmy Awards the Good, the Bad,and the Fugly

By: CityFella Its been a while since I’ve covered an award show.  I could construct an entire children’s  bedroom from Ikea and bake a large tray or Gorton’s fishsticks.     One of the reasons I tuned in was Neil Patrick Harris who made the Tony Awards tolerable. He reminds me of Bob Hope.  AContinue reading “2013 Emmy Awards the Good, the Bad,and the Fugly”

Who’s Funny? (Ladies)

We ask the pros Can a pretty girl be funny? MARGARET CHO (Lifetime’s upcoming Drop Dead Diva): I remember seeing beautiful girls do stand-up, and it was a disaster every time. Not only were people not gonna listen to you because you’re a woman, if you’re good-looking, people really don’t want to listen to you. SUSIE ESSMANContinue reading “Who’s Funny? (Ladies)”