Superbowl 52 Justin Timberlake “Doomed from the Start”

 There are many blacks who gave Justin Timberlake as pass   (He was allowed to emulate the black culture/music) without question.   He had a very rare card that allowed him to appropriate black music and culture. In 2004, he was one half of the firestorm at Superbowl 38, where he removed Janet Jackson’s costume exposing herContinue reading “Superbowl 52 Justin Timberlake “Doomed from the Start””

You cant hide your lyin eyes, its Grey Power @ Sleep Train

By CityFella The Eagles has been around for more 40 years and so have many of their fans.   The Eagles join acts like the Rolling Stones ,Tina Turner, and Bruce Springsteen.  Acts that withstood changes in the music industry and continue to fill large venues like Sacramento’s Sleep Train Arena. Unlike Beyonce or JustinContinue reading “You cant hide your lyin eyes, its Grey Power @ Sleep Train”

Licking your own snot- It’s cranky Friday

Flu, Gun Control, American Idol, Justin Timberlake . First things first, its flu-cold season Like millions of americans  I have the flu and I’m cranky .Like millions of americans I still have to work, to keep the lights on.   I sneeze and cough into a tissue, towel, or news paper.   I’m not shaking hands as this is noContinue reading “Licking your own snot- It’s cranky Friday”