Chihuahua terrorizes neighberhood

Killer Police in southern Sweden, who were called out to apprehend a loose dog that was reportedly terrorizing a neighbourhood in the Käglinge district of Malmö, were surprised to find that the aggressive canine was a Chihuahua.   “I did think it was going to be a bigger dog than that,” said Calle person of theContinue reading “Chihuahua terrorizes neighberhood”

Bisexual boar ‘head over squeals’ for breeding bull

“He became completely smitten with him and jumped the fence to the pasture and started to court him, or rather, tried to mount him” said farmer Magnus Nyman to The Local. “The bull was very embarrassed.” About a year ago, Kalle, the breeding boar at the Källunda farm near Käglinge in southern Sweden, spotted theContinue reading “Bisexual boar ‘head over squeals’ for breeding bull”