“Oh Look, Black people in the White House”

First things first!  Kanye !    I’m not gonna beat up on someone who is clearly going through things. One day is bi-polar and the next day he was misdiagnosed (not bi-polar).  After all this is America, he is allowed to worship anyone .  If there was a poll, I was say support for the Kanye-TrumpContinue reading ““Oh Look, Black people in the White House””

President Trump Thanks Kanye West at NRA Convention for increase in Black Support

From Bustle.com Kanye West really does have power, at least according to President Donald Trump. While speaking Friday at a convention for the National Rifle Association (NRA), Trump thanked Kanye for supposedly boosting his approval rating among African Americans. “Kanye West must have some power,” President Trump told a crowd of NRA members at the organization’s annual leadershipContinue reading “President Trump Thanks Kanye West at NRA Convention for increase in Black Support”

Kim K. your husband Kanye has cracked, he needs medical attention

“Slavery was choice” Kanye has had a mental break.  He isn’t TV ready.   Last November he was hospitalized and put on a psychiatric hold shortly after a concert in Sacramento where he went on a rant comparing himself to Donald Trump.   There is something desperately wrong.

F-Kanye up? Come on now!

A rapper with alleged ties to Snoop Dogg called on the Crips to F.up Kanye West.  The order came over Sunday morning in an Instagram video, according to CBS Los Angeles. This is all over Kanye’s public support of President Donald Trump. The video has since been taken down.  The problem is, some misguided person, justContinue reading “F-Kanye up? Come on now!”

make kenye west BLACK again

Make Kanye Black Again. https://t.co/wvKxbL2bjJ — Smi (@smino) April 25, 2018 You can actually purchase this hat online.  There are “Make Kanye Great Again” Tee shirts.  That’s America!   I love that tweet. ” Make Kanye Black Again” Kenya is a proud black man. You don't have to agree with trump but the mob can't makeContinue reading “make kenye west BLACK again”

Kanye West Stiffs Fans In LA

Photo: Google Kanye!  Kanye! Kanye!  Twitter and social media  was on fire after Kanye had a meltdown in Sacramento  abandoning thousands angry  fans Saturday Night. Kanye Krazy! With his fans trashing him on Social Media  (Especially after declaring if he would have voted he would have voted for Trump)  The notorious Tweeter posted odd looking fashionContinue reading “Kanye West Stiffs Fans In LA”

Two Songs and Done Kanye West Storms out of Sacramento Concert

After being ninty minutes late with some concert fans paying more than $300 to hear Kanye at Golden 1 Center got a less than what they paid for.  What they got was two songs and  17 minutes of his thoughts and opinions. (Caution, if you are offened by langauage stop here) We could you tell youContinue reading “Two Songs and Done Kanye West Storms out of Sacramento Concert”

Jay Z reportedly calls Kanye a nut Job Is the friendship over?

Photo: Google While most of us keep are private problems, issues at home.  We don’t take them the work and share them with fifteen to twenty thousand strangers.   But we are not Kanye West, fans pay him to hear some of his personal issues. According to Page six Carlos Greer.  Music insiders has say’sContinue reading “Jay Z reportedly calls Kanye a nut Job Is the friendship over?”

Kenye West is a God! (At least in his mind)

He’s 53 million in debt.  A GOD!  An internet phenom, married to Kardashian and a man who clearly has a problem with Taylor Swift. In an audio clip exclusively obtained by Page Six, Kanye can be heard repeatedly yelling at “SNL” production staff, “Don’t f–k with me,” before branding Swift — who he claims on his newContinue reading “Kenye West is a God! (At least in his mind)”