Will McConnell’s $2000 Stimulus Block help Georgia Democrats?

Many Americans will wake up this morning and find $600 in their checking account. Most, based on the last stimulus check will use the $600 to pay rent, bills and buy necessaries. President Trump, believed, $600 was too low and supported a $2000 stimulus payment. His support of the $2000, undermined McConnell, who has beenContinue reading “Will McConnell’s $2000 Stimulus Block help Georgia Democrats?”

Desperate Hours

It’s not about the presidency. It’s not about his base. It’s about his future and the realization that only four more years as president can protect him and his family from possible prosecution as the statute of limitations might protect him. Welcome Back, The Asylum is open As the President’s advisors are hoping for aContinue reading “Desperate Hours”

The Crazy Train has stopped for refueling

It’s December 2020, and the year of stark surprises continues to chug along. When have you EVER heard a group of people from one party tell people of their party not to vote for candidates of their own party? At the Station:  Donald Trump tells anyone who will listen.  The Election was rigged, stolen, filledContinue reading “The Crazy Train has stopped for refueling”