Fresh Not Frozen: For Friday May 5th

“Cousin What”

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Katy Perry in a Masion Margiela by John Galliano at Tuesday’s Met Ball the annual fundraising gala for the benefit of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute in New York City.

“Coconut Pie Theater”

After smacking Former Mayor Kevin Johnson with a Safeway Coconut Creme Pie and being smacked down by the mayor.  Pie Activist Sean Thompson is getting his day in court.  His attorney wants a show.  News reports indicate she wants the former Mayor and his wife Michelle Rhee to appear on this open and shut case.   If he hit an old lady with a pie, she’d kick his ass too..     News at eleven.

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How Sweet, Just Before Rating Sweeps

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It’s officially official  MSNBC’s  “Morning Joe” co hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzenzinki are engaged  It’s a mixed marriage she’s a brunette and he’s a Republican.  The location of the marriage will be determined by the spring ratings. It will be extravagant affair or an intimate gathering at the Red Roof Inn.

Na Na Na-Na Na Na-hey hey Good Bye” 

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Sang by the Democrats in the chamber to the Republicans after Obamacare was finally repealed.  It took several months to draft Obamacare, the GOP came up with a plan in 30 minutes in Crayon.  45’s Pepsodent Smile was never so bright.  Paul Ryan not as bright and some of the members facing re-election in 2018 cut up their Macy’s cards.

92 & Flooded

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Ninty + in Sacramento and Discovery Park is still underwater and there is still a lot of snow in the Sierra’s .    Two Words    “Melt Slow”

Your Standing on My Coat

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One More from the Met Ball.  Priyanka Chopra in a Ralph Lauren.   Can you see her on he “Meadowview” Light Rail, telling passengers, “your standing on my coat!”



Sacramento’s Next Mayor should be….

Yes Mary Elizabeth, there is a mayoral contest in Sacramento. No, Kevin Johnson has not returned to Phoenix, he is still Sacratomatoville’s big boss.

A nice lady is running, her name is  Angelique Ashby  a councilwomen  representing the Natomas area, her foot slipped of the brake as she announced she was running for mayor before the dust settled around the current mayor.

A local man named Darrell Steinberg is also running, he was a member of the State Senate and like Ms’ Ashby was on the Council.   Steinberg has become the consummate politician. He was lining up his ducks, before announcing his candidacy. While Ms Ashby was making hair and clothing choices, Steinberg had assembled an army.

Mary, there are other candidates but I am limited to 400 words.

Steinberg has become a slick politician which may not play well  in year where there is a lot of anger towards the establishment candidates. However he is well liked  and well known and respected .  Ashby seems personable which may make her attractive to core voters, she doesn’t seem confident which may actually work for her. However closely aligning herself with the Arena may be a mistake, as many core (older) voters do not support city dollars going towards the Arena.

Who would I vote for?

Sadly, Mary Elizabeth neither.

There isn’t real leadership coming from City Hall and there hasn’t been for quite awhile (at least 20 years) No one,not a  Mayor or a council member has expressed outrage at the cities business image or rankings. For years, Sacramento has been near or at the bottom of national business polls.   Which translates to jobs.

 Sacramento have spent MILLIONS to attract or retain professional sports franchises and little to  develop an environment attractive to business.  As West Placer county and West Sacramento’s  Business community continues to expand.  Sacramento’s growth seems  depended on the housing industry.

The city can’t fix, what they don’t acknowledge    Last year, one council member, Steve Hansen broke ranks and went public ,declaring the city’s Sexual Embarrassment Policy was broken.

Mary Elizabeth,

Ashby and Steinberg are two competent individuals, they both promise to make the city better. The problem, they were and are part of the problem . This bears repeating, you can’t fix, what you don’t acknowledge.  .  Sometimes it takes a fresh pair of eyes to fix the problem.

Happy 18th, make sure you register to vote!

CityFella (you know)

363 Days Before Halloween “Angelique Ashby Believes in the Great Pumpkin” Oakland Raiders and the 49ers-Too Much Nay Nay-

If you didn’t get enough candy last weekend, this is your week. Stores needing space for Thanksgiving and Christmas displays, will be marking candy down as much as 75% off.  I’m putting mine in a Weight Watcher Bag with a bag of soy chips on top.

You have to admire Angelique Ashby’s innocence. (One wonders if she sat in one of those big fields in Natomas waiting for the Great pumpkin this weekend) Before Mayor Kevin Johnson could step down from the podium. Angelique was stepping up announcing she was running for mayor.

A few days later, former State Senator Darrell Steinberg announced he was also running for the city’s top chair, When Steinberg publicly announced he was running, he was surrounded by men with deep pockets.  Steinberg also has a few coins of his own. A reported 1.4 million coins.   Over the weekend she tweeted-Steinberg should donate the money to a worthy cause. No worries there Ms Ashby, I sure he has just the cause.   As for your campaign,perhaps a few hundred bake sales are in order.  Pumpkin cookies, Yum!

Mayor Johnson’s image may be tarnished, but he is a large presence in the business community and quite a few coins for the right and patient candidate.

If your a Raiders fan, your heart is racing,you cant stop dancing.  Two wins in a row!  I’m a lifelong Raiders fan, which means I’m very insecure. Even when they have had a huge lead in the third, I have seen them collapse in the fourth quarter.   Yesterday, they were a smooth machine as they spanked the New York Jets. 34 to 20
The only issue I had with the game was with Fox Sports. Who would show images of San Francisco even though the game was played in beautiful Oakland

The opposite WAS true of the Niners.  If they had a lead early in the second quarter. Niners fans could confidently uncork the “78” and order brie and water crackers served on an environmental friendly tray.  But that was so 2011.   Today, many of the fans are having Berka’s delivered by Amazon.  (Prime members in Sacramento can get their Berka’s in two hours or less!)
Yesterday, they were spanked by St Louis 26 to 6 and sent to bed early without pudding cup.   There has to be an alternative to Colin Kaepernick and the defense. He’s becoming too comfortable in this position.
St. Louis Rams v San Francisco 49ers

There were many many parties in Sacratomatoville this weekend.  What most of them had in common was  Silento’s “Watch it” (Whip/Nae Nae)  and somewhere between eleven and one I injured my Nae Nae.  I can Whip it, as long as its slow.  There will be no stanky legs until my Nae Nae fully recovers.


Get Kevin Johnson

Who's Funding Kevin Johnson's Secret Government?

October 20th was to be a special day for Sacramento’s Mayor Kevin Johnson. A day so special his office requested the council meeting be moved to accommodate ESPN’s premiere of the documentary “Down in the Family”   A film about Sacramento fight against Seattle to retain the Sacramento Kings Franchise.

ESPN reportedly pulled the documentary after a 20 years old video surfaced of Mandi Kobo who was 16 when she accused the then 29 year old Point Guard of the Phoenix Suns of molesting her.

Mandi Kobo, now 36 has told her story to the sports website Deadspin.

Earlier this year a city employee accused Johnson of sexual harassment and sought $200,000 in damages.  Her attorney did not say if Johnson or the city compensated his client. However he did say his client was satisfied with the conclusion of the matter.

In light of the Cosby scandal and the relationships professional sport has with woman, ESPN had to separate itself with Johnson. His misdeeds with women isn’t a secret. From Phoenix to Sacramento he has been accused of being hands on with women and while  he has never been to jail or convicted of a sexual offence, like Cosby these women could resurface.

Who is After Kevin Johnson? 

I was in Kansas City when this story broke, meeting with other bloggers.    Seven info addicted people spent a couple of hours in a hotel looking into a timeline.

This is what we’ve found.

It appears Mayor Johnson has a good relationship with the Sacramento Bee.  While the Bee has criticized the mayor, there sees to be some restraint at level not afforded to former mayor Heather Fargo and council women.

For years, many local bloggers have written about the mayor’s army. Outsiders infiltrating City Hall.

In May, KJ was accused of sexual harassment. The Bee rubber stamped the story.  Out of town newspapers and bloggers where more through and offered more details about the story than the local media.

Early this summer the Sacramento News and Review published a story about the mayor with a questionable cartoon on its cover.

Later in the summer the Mayor sued the publication and the City of Sacramento to block the release of emails between his office and lawyers involved with the National Conference of Black Mayors.    A story with little mention here, has appeared in over 30 newspapers and blogs.

Suing the News and Review may have been the tipping point.   Weeklies, Independents are often viewed as isle of truth often reporting on local event ignored by the larger papers.  The lawsuit has brought heat to the story. .

What does Kevin Johnson and Leona Helmsley have in common ?

If there is a vendetta against the mayor, the timing of these events couldn’t be any better. The stories, the release of the Phoenix Police Department video.

In the next few months the Mayor will announce if he is seeking a third term (there are no term limits in Sacramento).

With his well connected pockets outside of the city, the job is his.  But if he want to run for another political office,  the hurdles are higher this time.    Twenty years later, there are some in Phoenix who believe if he were a mere mortal, he would still be serving time.  But he was no mere mortal, he was a player in the National Basketball Association.

He has few friends within City Hall, you were part or his circle (army) or outside of it.  He is not receiving Christmas Cards from some former councilpersons and staff.

Here at Sacratomatoville, we longed criticized the mayor of ignoring the established neighborhood associations and political groups. Who slapped him down hard (it wasn’t close)  by rejecting his bid to be Sacramento’s first Strong Mayor.

Not so long ago, Leona Helmsley was a wealthy business owner who own a Manhattan Hotel Chain, It was very important for her to be seen with the right people, politicians and other movers and shakers.   At the same time, she abused the people who worked for her including contractors who on completion of their work she refused to pay.  One day someone blabbed to the press, then others came forward. Employees whom she fired, and they all brought her down. She spent 19 months in jail for Tax Evasion.

Its very possible someone is coming for the mayor.  To slow him or to take him down.



“More Sex in Sacramento’s City Hall?” A second Woman Files Sexual Claim Against the City of Sacramento .

Mayor Kevin Johnson, Vice Mayor Allen Warren and now former Department of Utilities Manager Elsie Fong .

Click Link for the Fox 40 story


Delia Chacon says she has been to Warrens Cabin and other trips.  

Did someone from Johnson’s camp pay staffer? 

Click Link for Story

Sex in Sacramento’s City Hall? Vice Mayor Allen Warren accused of Sexual Misconduct

Photo: Sacramento Bee

By: CityFella

Whats happening on H street?

First, Mayor Kevin Johnson and now Vice Mayor Allen Warren accused of Sexual Harassment by City Employees

Last April, Estrellita Ilee Muller a  former executive assistant to John Shirey Sacramento City Manager accused Mayor Johnson of sexual harassment. She wanted $200.000 from the city.

Click Link to See Story

Last Friday, Delia Chacon, a former aid to  Vice Mayor and  

North Sacramento’s Councilperson Allen Warren, accusing him of sexual harassment.

In her complaint, Ms Chacon accused Warren of creating an atmosphere of “quid pro quo sexual harassment” between Aug. 26, 2013, and June 8 of this year. Chacon said in her claim that she tried to “stop providing Mr. Warren with sexual favors,” but that the councilman threatened to fire her if she stopped

Click Link to Read Official Complaint via KCRA

In the claim against Warren.  Chacon said the councilman used his supervisory position “to repeatedly coerce her into submission to his repeated sexual requests.” The claim states Chacon accompanied Warren on “sexual escapades to Atlanta, Jamaica, Reno and Oroville” and allowed Warren “to grab and fondle her buttocks at work.”

Chacon said in her claim that she tried to stop the relationship on several occasions but was threatened with termination.

On June 8, Chacon alleged she refused Warren’s request to work on non-city business during normal business hours. Around that same day, Warren threatened to fire Chacon within 90 days if she did not transfer from his office or leave her job voluntarily, according to the claim.

Chacon communicated with Stephanie Mizuno, the City Council’s operations manager, on June 17 about a “hostile work environment,” but “never expressly stated that she was suffering sexual harassment,” according to the claim. Mizuno told Chacon she should “apply for workers’ compensation.” 

Documents show Chacon was fired June 23 and that the city offered Chacon a $16,000 settlement agreement, but it’s unclear if she signed it.


Last May, Estrellita Muller’s attorney Etan Rosen told the Sacramento Bee his client was “satisfied with the process” and that she would not seek a civil lawsuit.

Scandalous History in the Making?

Sacramento was founded in 1849, one hundred sixty six years ago.

Q: At anytime in the history of the City has a Mayor and Vice Mayor been accused of Sexual harassment in the same year?

A. Researching


Monday’s Sump Pump

One Pill makes you LARGER and one pill makes you small 

Zero to sixty in 19 days…….    Its taken nearly twenty days …  20 days before someone in the Republican Party to condemn Donald Trump’s Racist Statement about Mexico and Mexicans.  Marco Rubio was the first to speak out against Trump followed by Mitt Romney,Jeb Bush and Rick Perry.   With NASCAR joining a list of companies abandoning LA DON expect more Republican to follow. The challenge for the GOP is to somehow convince Latino voters it was just a dream.

Hillary Clinton will Sacramento’s Mayor Kevin Johnson wont   KJ dosesn’t want the public to see private emails he sent to an attorney while he was involved with The National Conference of Black Mayors  Must be somethin juicy  inside  La Mayor sued Sacramento News & Review, to stop certain emails from becoming public. A judge is likely to rule on Thursday. get you napkins ready.#juicy

 AGAIN! Okay, like who hasn’t need Kim Kardashian nakkkkkkkkkkkked!  Right?  Kanye’s wife is threatening to sue a company selling pictures of her while she was lying NeKKid by her pool.  TMZ says the company removed the picture from its web site.  Probably until her mom works out an equable deal .

OOPSIE !  In da big tomata you have a choice.  You can see fireworks show downtown or at Cal Expo.   Cal Expo near the center of town is by far the favorite venue. Thousands pay to park their cars to see the fireworks.  According to report,s 10 minutes into the show ,sparks from the firework cause several small fires.  The event was cancelled.  They haven’t decided  if they are going to issue parking issues. #howrude

CHEAP GREECE? With Greek Voters choosing to leave the EU, the country will reissue its own currency the Drachma. Before Greece joined the EU one dollar equaled nearly 340 Drachmas. can someone say SALE!

#Confused  A few years ago K street businesses said K Street should be opened to traffic ,its would benefit business.   On weekends K Street is often closed to traffic. #whattrafficitsKstreet

#1 (this week)