They may be as slo as Uncle Joe but the GOP got hur done!

No matter how dingy the politician is. The Republicans are slow to criticize another Republican. Sure, he is a pathological liar and may have attacked a few women, but Donald makes a good BLT. Matt Gaetz, showing pictures of naked women on the house floor? Sure it was inappropriate, but I heard they were tastful.Continue reading “They may be as slo as Uncle Joe but the GOP got hur done!”

Kissing the hand

Currently ,32% of Americans approve of Former President Donald Trump, this includes 81% of Republicans. Love him or loathe him, If your a Republican, you may need to kiss the hand of Donald J Trump to survive the primary. The former Preisdent has a history, of campaiging against those who speak against him, even toContinue reading “Kissing the hand”

Hey Pot, get out much?

I could go on for hours about the Pot’s (President Trump) racists comment for hours, but you and I don’t have that kind of time. Racism in any form is unacceptable. Freshman, Congresswoman, Iihan Omar, the first Somali American elected to the house.  Her anti-semitic comments are not welcome. as she represents all Americans in herContinue reading “Hey Pot, get out much?”

Kings Fans Hated Her

  “Freethinkers are those who are willing to use their minds without prejudice and without fearing to understand things that clash with their own customs, privileges, or beliefs. This state of mind is not common, but it is essential for right thinking…”   Leo Tolstoy In 2008, no one was surprised.  Building a new homeContinue reading “Kings Fans Hated Her”

06/24/2015 Mush -Trump #2- Valueless Stuff for the Kings- Pinocchio is a Real Newscaster – Maya!Maya!Maya!

Donald 2 Has it been a week?  In a poll conducted by Suffolk University.   Donald (La DON)Trump is number two in the great state of  New Hampshire a few points shy of  “Just Jeb” (he doesn’t use his last name) .Just a few days ago, we learned of his warm feelings about the “Mexican”Continue reading “06/24/2015 Mush -Trump #2- Valueless Stuff for the Kings- Pinocchio is a Real Newscaster – Maya!Maya!Maya!”

City of Sacramento rebating Sac Kings owners for overpriced Kings?

By CityFella Last year the Sacramento Kings was sold to Vivek Ranadive’s Group for more than 500 million dollars..   This transaction was the highest in NBA history. There are allegations the City of Sacramento  intended  to rebate the owners in a form of undervalued land  included in $258 million subsidy to build a new arenaContinue reading “City of Sacramento rebating Sac Kings owners for overpriced Kings?”

P is for Pannell : Sac’s Big Box Ordinance Repealed

bod·y lan·guage (Psychology) the nonverbal imparting of information by means of conscious or subconscious bodily gestures, posture, etc. Bonnie Parnell was angry at last night’s City Council meeting.  The body language of the five term council member projected rage at times.  Her position was clear however her vote was curious. The council chambers was packed.Continue reading “P is for Pannell : Sac’s Big Box Ordinance Repealed”

Wal Mart Raining on Sacramento Politicians may result in more Wal Marts

Wal Mart hasn’t built a superstore in Sacramento  in years…   But that might change…..  As the city is considering changing its big box store policy.     Will those members of the council who accepted money from Wal Mart abstain? According to the Bee,  Wal Mart has donated $800,000 to Mayor Kevin Johnson andContinue reading “Wal Mart Raining on Sacramento Politicians may result in more Wal Marts”

Sacramento City Council Approves Budget and gives themselves a bonus.

Sacramento City Council members earn $55,000 a year.  Last night five members (plus the mayor) voted to gift themselves $43,500 in discretionary monies. The bonanza was cleverly drafted into a budget proposal that would increase police and fire personal as well as restore other city services. When citizens passed  Measure U  to temporarily increase taxes,Continue reading “Sacramento City Council Approves Budget and gives themselves a bonus.”

Looking Sideways: Despite deficit, Sacramento City Council wants 400,000 in slush funds

Disneyland for everyone !!     Apparently, the city council  views Measure U as a bonanza.   Sacramentians voted to tax themselves for extra police, fire and services. In addition to their salaries, the council wants $391,500 which amounts to $43,000.-(including the mayor) per council member ,to use as their discretion. The vote is tonight.