The GOP EXPRESS is on track to offend all minority voters.

By:CityFella With less than 13 months to go  and 16 remaining presidential candidates, the opportunities to insult and offend a large group potential voters grows by the hour. One of the GOP priorities after Mitt Romney’s defeat was appealing to Hispanic voters, more Hispanics voted for George W than Romney.  It was a priority thatContinue reading “The GOP EXPRESS is on track to offend all minority voters.”

Jail is the wrong place for Kim Davis

By CityFella A lot of people celebrated when Kentucky Rowan County Clerk was ordered to jail by Judge David L. Bunning of United States District Court today. From what we know of Kim Davis is her convictions and because of her convictions her current husband suggests she will simply stay in jail .  And why shouldn’t she,Continue reading “Jail is the wrong place for Kim Davis”