RHOA Reunion II: Selective Memories and the Queen of Shade

Kendra Moore’s fan rested in part two of the Atl Reunion.   Last night the focus was on NeNe, Phaedra, Cynthia and Kandi, with a guest appearance by  the Wigmeister herself , Kim Zolciak without a wig (I think).   Nene opened her moo moo and put her legs out front and center.  When the issue is  not theContinue reading “RHOA Reunion II: Selective Memories and the Queen of Shade”

RHOA: Mini Review: Episode 6 “Kenya Crazypoo Moore”

Kenya Moore and Walter  Kenya Moore, Miss USA 1993, has a future with Bravo.   She is the topic of every episode.   Episode 6 started where episode 5 left off.  Kim‘s hormonal tantrum and walking off the show.    Her tantrum seemed to unify the women, as they all changed their schedules for a vacation together  to accommodate Kim.  IContinue reading “RHOA: Mini Review: Episode 6 “Kenya Crazypoo Moore””