CHINA: The Working Man Strikes Back Nationwide Strikes

In this image taken from APTN video shot on March 26, 2015, Shi Jieying talks from her sickbed after she was hospitalized with heart trouble at Nanlang hospital in Zhongshan city in southern China’s Guangdong Province. Timid by nature, Shi took a risk in March and joined fellow workers in a strike at her handbagContinue reading “CHINA: The Working Man Strikes Back Nationwide Strikes”

The worst ‘nightmares’ of living in France

Parking in France can get rather creative. Photo: Connie Ma/Flickr French author Michel Le Goff describes himself as “the French basher France wishes didn’t exist”. Here the writer shares his countdown of the worst “nightmares” about living in France. From: The Local French author Michel Le Goff has just published a new book called TheContinue reading “The worst ‘nightmares’ of living in France”