Lockdown’ voted Germany’s English word of the year

“Lockdown Voted Germany’s English word of the year” A sign in a Düsseldorf bakery stating that service will continue during the Lockdown. Photo: DPAThe term “lockdown,” which has become common for closures and contact restrictions during the coronavirus crisis, has been chosen as the 2020 “Anglicism of the Year.” “What convinced the jury about theContinue reading “Lockdown’ voted Germany’s English word of the year”

Ten English words that make you sound cool in Italian

Ten English words that make you sound cool in Italian If you want to impress at Italy’s cafes and bars, here’s how. Dropping a few English words into your Italian conversation may seem like an odd thing to do, but for some Italians these ‘anglicismi’ are the height of cool. Here’s how to use them.Continue reading “Ten English words that make you sound cool in Italian”

Five reasons English speakers struggle to learn foreign languages

It’s no secret that English speakers struggle to learn foreign languages but there are good reasons to explain their woes that can’t just be put down to the fact that all young Europeans speak English. Linguistics expert Michelle Sheehan looks at five of them in this article from The Conversation. According to a recent survey co-ordinatedContinue reading “Five reasons English speakers struggle to learn foreign languages”

10 insulting ways to describe someone in Italian

Photo: Deposit Photos Here’s what to say when people get on the wrong side of you in Italy. By:Clare Speak/The Local When living in Italy, you’ll no doubt come across a dodgy character or two before long. And you’ll want to use a few colorful words when later describing such encounters to your Italian friends.Continue reading “10 insulting ways to describe someone in Italian”

Eleven Spanish words that English must adopt right now

There are some Spanish words that English should immediately adopt. Photo: Contando Estrelas/Flickr Some Spanish words are so good at perfectly describing a feeling, experience or person you have to wonder why the English language hasn’t adopted them yet. The Local has chosen eleven linguistic gems that should be immediately adopted into the English language.Continue reading “Eleven Spanish words that English must adopt right now”

Norway universities criticized for overuse of English

University of Oslo. Photo: Jon Olav Nesvold / NTB scanpix The Language Council of Norway (Språkrådet) says it is concerned about the amount of English used in courses at Norwegian universities and colleges.   A number of classes at higher education institutions across the country are taught entirely in English, reports broadcaster NRK. The council saidContinue reading “Norway universities criticized for overuse of English”

como estas

I’m a Californian, lived here most of my life.  I’ve had Mexican/Latin friends all of my life Roommates, housemates, friendships, spanning decades. Our families are interchangeable.   Recently, returning from LA , I called a friend to tell him I was planning to visit his family in Tulare on my way home.  After, I arrived, heContinue reading “como estas”

The 35 signs you’ll never be truly fluent in Italian

The moment when you realize you’ll never be mistaken for a native. Photo: Pexels. You may have lived here for years, read the textbooks, gone to the classes, even survived an Italian dinner party… but do you ever get the sinking feeling you’ll never be truly bilingual? By: Catherine Edwards/The Local You’re not alone. AchievingContinue reading “The 35 signs you’ll never be truly fluent in Italian”

The Very Idea!

О́чень: very, really, incredibly Очень (very) is one of those handy little words you learn in Russian 101 and then use every day. Add it to any verb to jack up the intensity and emotion. For example: Я тебя люблю (I love you) is a summer fling; я тебя очень люблю (I love you very much) is maybe we should think about a mortgage. SayContinue reading “The Very Idea!”

When Swedes swear, they do so in English

BY: Peter Vinthagen Simpson/The Local English is increasingly becoming the lingua franca of Swedish media when it comes to cussing and swearing, often in contravention of accepted linguistic norms, Swedish researchers have concluded. “English swear words are used in the Swedish media in ways that are clearly and consciously in conflict with English-speaking standards. ButContinue reading “When Swedes swear, they do so in English”