11 Day 3300 Mile Super Road Trip (Day 10) Expressway To Vegas Baby!

I got an early start from Albuquerque.  Vegas was nine hours away. Interstate 40 was gonna get me home.  West bound 40 was beautiful, with an continuous changing landscape, from flat mountains , Red Desert and Mesas to mountains filled with tall green trees.a very entertaining drive. One thing I have learned to appreciate  isContinue reading “11 Day 3300 Mile Super Road Trip (Day 10) Expressway To Vegas Baby!”

The Woman in Row 16, does hair too….

What goes on in Vegas stays is Vegas?    Does that apply to the plane to Vegas?   Well……..no. Jessica Stroble,  and Christopher Martin are free spirits.  They live for minute the second and the now! Witnesses say the couple became friendly at Medford, Oregon airport.   I have to use the term Witness hereContinue reading “The Woman in Row 16, does hair too….”

Sac Random: Vegas, Marijuana, Dollar Addiction

I don’t believe there is any place on earth like Las Vegas, the Hotels on the strip are mesmerizing and it is the ultimate destination for adult fun. With 35 million visitors. Why dont I like it more? I believe its the city beyond the strip.  New Yorker’s, San Franciscans,  the people of Austin, are a part of theContinue reading “Sac Random: Vegas, Marijuana, Dollar Addiction”


Weeks of  indecision costs me.  Was I driving or flying to Las Vegas?  A drive would take 10 hours and even in my fuel efficient car, gas would cost about $82 each way.   After a few days of an exhausting  internet search, the best fare I found was out of Oakland, however parking and fuel cost from Sacramento virtually erased anyContinue reading “STRAIGHT OUT OF STOCKTON (airport)”

What are you? Black or White or…. More Young Americans are saying all of the Above

In another time or place, the game of “What Are You?” that was played one night last fall at the University of Maryland might have been mean, or menacing: Laura Wood’s peers were picking apart her every feature in an effort to guess her race. Race Remixed A New Sense of Identity Articles in this seriesContinue reading “What are you? Black or White or…. More Young Americans are saying all of the Above”

Las Vegas’s Newest Attraction is Not What You Think

LAS VEGAS — Sudden fame is starting to take a toll on the “Pawn Stars.” “I can’t stop at a gas station without someone wanting to take my picture,” says Corey “Big Hoss” Harrison, the 27-year-old general manager of Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, where the History Channel’s overnight sensation is almost constantly being filmed.Continue reading “Las Vegas’s Newest Attraction is Not What You Think”