You’ve Heard of Berkeley. Is Merced the Future of the University of California?

    By: Jennifer Medina/New York Times   As he walks to class at the University of California, Merced, Freddie Virgen sees a sea of faces in various shades of brown. He is as likely to hear banda corridos blaring out of his classmates’ earphones as hip-hop. With affectionate embraces, he greets fellow members of HermanosContinue reading “You’ve Heard of Berkeley. Is Merced the Future of the University of California?”

A passing ignorance

A few days ago I overheard someone say they never come to Downtown Sacramento its too dangerous.  For someone who has lived in San Francisco and New York and frequently visit other large cities this is laughable. Not that I would, but you could eat of the streets downtown Sacramento.  This isn’t true of  SanContinue reading “A passing ignorance”

Latino Disconnect: We Deliver a Limited Perspective of Ourselves

Last week Soldanela Rivera  participated on a panel discussion during the New York International Latino Film Festival titled “Through Her eyes: A Latina’s Perspective in Media”. The other panelists and I -Olga Merediz, Amerian Broadway, TV, and film actress; Olga Segura, Actress; Dr. Clara E. Rodríguez, Professor of Sociology at Fordham University; and moderator GalinaContinue reading “Latino Disconnect: We Deliver a Limited Perspective of Ourselves”

Latino’s: Does Uncle Sam Want you?

Latinos have reached the highest levels of government in the Obama Administration. There are Latinos in the Cabinet, and on the Supreme Court. But one thing has not changed. Among the more than 2 million civil servants who work in dozens of Federal agencies, Latinos are still scarce. “This is not a good representation ofContinue reading “Latino’s: Does Uncle Sam Want you?”