Japans Gay Community wants better living conditions

As the number of countries legalizing gay marriage has risen, the gay and lesbian community in Japan has been encouraged as well to engage more and more in activities that will improve their living conditions. Japan does not have an anti-gay law or legal protections for homosexuals. Some in the gay community are actively seekingContinue reading “Japans Gay Community wants better living conditions”

Zimmerman: Now What?

Florida’s stand your law ground has allowed another murderer to walk.   Zimmerman isn’t the first, he is simply the person YOU know about.     Trayvon Martin isn’t the first person of color killed in Florida under the law.he is simply the person your familiar with. This seventeen year old was killed last yearContinue reading “Zimmerman: Now What?”

Gay Marriage in California ( Two steps forward one step back)

Photo Sac Bee Via Google Two Steps Forward California law did not have standing to appeal a federal district court ruling that struck it down. By doing so, the justices let stand the lower-court ruling that had found the ban unconstitutional. Standing via Wikipedia  There are three standing requirements: Injury: The plaintiff must have suffered orContinue reading “Gay Marriage in California ( Two steps forward one step back)”

His name is not Dick, or John its Dwayne

Who remembers  WeinerGate and Anthony Wiener?   He was an up and coming (no pun here) star within the  Democratic  party.  The Congressman from New York  who’s career ended after several pictures of his Oscar Meyer Wiener went viral.   2011 wasn’t kind to other elected offices using their dumbphones.   A few pictures leveled an well knownContinue reading “His name is not Dick, or John its Dwayne”

No rights for tenants in Arkansas

Study panel wants landlords to fix properties, end retaliatory eviction. In early October, Petrice Howard noticed hundreds of tiny water droplets beading the ceiling of her daughters’ bedroom in her rented Baring Cross home. Soon after, black mold spread across the walls, ceiling and baseboards of the bedroom and then spread to the bathroom andContinue reading “No rights for tenants in Arkansas”

Scott Biddle of Lodi is a value packing meat eater

Safeway‘s meat value packs are huge…   Huge!    The Safeway on Kettleman Lane in Lodi, Ca told  police, a man carrying a small handbasket  took seven packs of  meat worth $350.     According to reports, Lodi officer Chris Delgado says he recognized Scott Biddle (who is obviously a strong man-that’s a lot of beef!)  fromContinue reading “Scott Biddle of Lodi is a value packing meat eater”

Update: SMH: Man has too much times on his hands. County says papers riding shotgun in Carpool lane is not a person payup

Setting the 15 minute timer :  Lights–check, Camera–check….  Action! Marin County activist Jonathan Frieman had his day in court yesterday.     Marin County Traffic Referee Frank Drago listened to Mr Friedman argument. His lawyer, Ford Greene cited a section of state vehicle code defining “person” as, “a natural person, firm, co-partnership  association, limited liability company, or corporation.”Continue reading “Update: SMH: Man has too much times on his hands. County says papers riding shotgun in Carpool lane is not a person payup”

Umbrella self-defense case going to trial

It’s self-defense with a dangerous bodega umbrella. A celebrity jeweler — accused of thwacking a stranger with her $2 umbrella during a fight over a Christopher Street parking spot this summer — is promising she’ll go to trial to insist she only swung to protect herself. Pretty Dawnelle Yager — whose jewelry has been wornContinue reading “Umbrella self-defense case going to trial”

Man robs store with 2 year old Grandson in his arms

65 year old, John Guadalupe Martinez walked out of a Modesto, California  Orchard Supply Store  with tools he didn’t pay for, carrying his two year old grandson in his arms. A store employee followed him out of the store  and pulled a forklift behind the suspect truck.     Modesto police said Mr Martinez rammed theContinue reading “Man robs store with 2 year old Grandson in his arms”


The world was stunned when they learned George Zimmerman wasn’t charged and was released after killing Treyvon Martin. Most of us understand the concept, of  defending your home or defending when one is in immediate danger.   The Florida law is unclear as many unarmed fleeing Floridians have been chased down, shot in the back and stabbed to death.   Leaving familiesContinue reading “BOYCOTT FLORIDA ?”