Melania Trump Supports LeBron

  The Trump women seem to be slowly distancing themselves from the President.  First, it seems the first lady prefers CNN to Fox News.  Now in a statement prepare by her spokesperson Stephanie Grisham, wrote to counter his tweet suggesting LeBron isn’t bright.  “It looks like LeBron James is working to do good things onContinue reading “Melania Trump Supports LeBron”

San Antonio Spurs leaves the Star’s in the Sky’s

By CityFella The San Antonio Spars beat the Miami Heat after five games.    The win was decisive, early in the first quarter the Miami lead by 16 points.   It  clear by the third quarter the Spurs were fully in control , in the end they took it  104 to 87. I missed gameContinue reading “San Antonio Spurs leaves the Star’s in the Sky’s”

Charles Barkley: In sports, ability to play should outweigh sexual orientation

Charles Barkley is sick and tired of hearing how the sanctuary of the locker room is not ready for a male athlete in a major team sport to come out to his teammates, how awkward everyone would feel after they heard a teammate say, “I’m gay.” After all, Barkley has no doubt he played withContinue reading “Charles Barkley: In sports, ability to play should outweigh sexual orientation”

Rappers Should Not Be the Only Black Business Models in America

I recently saw an article on the Atlanta Post titled 5 Blockbuster Hip Hop Deals. L‘When I saw the title of the article, I thought about the million conversations I’ve had with scores of young artists who don’t understand that talent isn’t enough in the hip-hop industry. Not understanding business has led to the demiseContinue reading “Rappers Should Not Be the Only Black Business Models in America”

Regina King: Racism, Hollywood and Other People’s Money

I recently read an open letter written by Regina King , the famous actress who seems to be in every major black film and TV show I can think of. Ms. King is a black female version of Harrison Ford, the kind of actress who has been in more movies than we can name, yet unappreciatedContinue reading “Regina King: Racism, Hollywood and Other People’s Money”

“Just Sayin” For Thurs July 1,2010

Look at that face so perfect, look at that nose, those perfect teeth, those firm breasts, so lovely, so manufactured, must be a Hollywood Blonde! Heidi Montag Christina Agulira Faye Dunaway Barbara Eden Ryan  Seacrest       Hey Lebron……….    Forget Chicago, New York, and Miami and all those hi falutin towns……… This could beContinue reading ““Just Sayin” For Thurs July 1,2010″