I divorced my husband and married the au pair

When Michele Macfarlane started to lose her eyesight, she got an au pair to help with the children. But she fell in love with the younger woman and realized she was gay Michele Macfarlane: ‘You can be gay and not realise it at all.’ What is an au pair?  A young foreign person, typically aContinue reading “I divorced my husband and married the au pair”

The Late Night Lesbian

By:CityFella Indigestion, PBS, email and the long road to lesbianism  After several decades of marriage, children,grandchildren and great grandchildren a dear friend discovers she is gay.  Unable to sleep, she writes me a lengthy email about her life.   I have her permission to tell her story as long as I do not reveal her identityContinue reading “The Late Night Lesbian”

Everything You Wanted to Know About Lesbian Relationships But Were Too Afraid to Ask

By: Diana Denza/Betty Confidential  When you’ve been swooning over guys since you were 12 (you’re still waiting for Johnny Depp to call), it can be tough to imagine what a lesbian relationship is like. Sure, you’ve caught a few episodes of Glee and “Calzona” from Grey’s Anatomy make your list of favorite on-screen couples, but you still have so manyContinue reading “Everything You Wanted to Know About Lesbian Relationships But Were Too Afraid to Ask”

Stories of Race and Love

MIXED BLESSING ENGAGED, TOGETHER FOR 7 YEARS Arielle Davis and Ian Julie Half-black, half-white — how one woman discovered her romantic color-blind spot —By Anna Holmes You are a girl who looks like the world,” a friend once told me. I knew what she meant: My caramel-colored skin and curly hair, the product of aContinue reading “Stories of Race and Love”