While waiting for the Bus……

  What do you do during the 6pm evening commute waiting for the bus on a busy six lane highway? A lot of us read to pass the time. Some of us write. Most of us are interacting with our cell phones.   If your 31 year old Cameron Peterson of Clearwater Florida, you sit down onContinue reading “While waiting for the Bus……”

Tabasco Sauce Gets a Rise from Airline Passenger

Meet Rafael Escamilla. a nice upstanding man from FLORIDA. (Doesn’t he look like a baseball coach?) Mr Escamilla was planning to visit family in  Idaho before he was arrested . It seems he spilled some Tabasco sauce on his person before boarding the Skywest flight in Salt Lake City.   The sauce was meant for his eggs…….. HeContinue reading “Tabasco Sauce Gets a Rise from Airline Passenger”