BINGE WATCHING: 6 and half hours “Grace and Frankie”

Who isn’t a fan of Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda.  Like Whoopi Goldberg, the ladies aren’t  manufactured stars, these women march to their own beat  Their opinions, beliefs, passions have come at a professional cost to them and yet they are still standing.   Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda worked together in Nine to Five decadesContinue reading “BINGE WATCHING: 6 and half hours “Grace and Frankie””

The Worlds Most Important Car

By CityFella We’re the phone company, we don’t care we don’t have to!   Ernestine the Operator( Lily Tomlin) There was a time where there were three automobile companies in the North America. GM, Ford and Chrysler.  Yes there were smaller car companies and imports, for the most part if you bought a car inContinue reading “The Worlds Most Important Car”

The Office Party: Everyone loves Cocktail Franks right?

    In the brain of Lily Tomlin lived a 73 year old evangelist names  Sister Boogie Woman she was one of the radio shows.  A letter was sent to Sister Boogie Woman from  lady who lived in a nursing home.  The lady complained about the home always serving  Jello.   Sister Boogie Woman advisedContinue reading “The Office Party: Everyone loves Cocktail Franks right?”

Cheddar Biscuit Sundays

He’s always been different, he listened to white folks music.  He knows all these strange kinds of people.  He’s out there”  He loves that Lily Tomlin”  These are just a few of the comments my family has made about me over the last hundred years.  I didn’t think I was different, but I wasn’t mainstream. MyContinue reading “Cheddar Biscuit Sundays”