“Lizzo” Time Magazine “Entertainer of the Year

Photograph by Paola Kudacki for TIME Surely, in the year of our lord 2019, you know who Lizzo is. I mean, even if you don’t think you know, girl—you know. Her song is in that Walmart commercial with the dancing cart people, and another one is in an ad for GrubHub, and I swear I was watching a footballContinue reading ““Lizzo” Time Magazine “Entertainer of the Year”

Lizzo how YOU feelin?

Being the topic of conversation is good thing if your entertainer.  There are some who believe any conversation is good, as long as someone is talking .  Some performers use fashion to create conversation and controversy, Lady Gaga ,Madonna, Cher, Jennifer Lopez come to mind . On Sunday, Lizzo, was at the Staples Center inContinue reading “Lizzo how YOU feelin?”

“LIZZO” no introduction needed

If this is the first time you have heard the name Lizzo, it wont be your last. She has recently become a member of a very exclusive club. She joins Lauryn Hill, Lil Kim, Shawnnna, IggyAzalea, and Cardi B as the only female rappers to hit number one on Billboard’s hot 100 chart. No yourContinue reading ““LIZZO” no introduction needed”