Toronto Has Rob Ford-San Joaquin County, Cailfornia Could Have Gary Hickey

By CityFella Rob Ford, Toronto Canada’s infamous Mayor known for public drunkenness, driving under the influence and  you tube videos. where he was filmed smoking crack cocaine.   Mayor Ford is currently in Rehab, and intend to run for re-election. Three thousand miles west of Toronto is Lodi, California the home of  Attorney and formerContinue reading “Toronto Has Rob Ford-San Joaquin County, Cailfornia Could Have Gary Hickey”

Edith and me

I met Edith 35 years ago in  her home in  Lodi California.  She and my future father in law lived in an upstairs apartment in a building where she worked, a few blocks from downtown.  Her first indirect words to me, was “does IT have an off switch?  A victim of my non stop chatter. OurContinue reading “Edith and me”

Where is Richard Pan? Lodi want to know

BY: CityFella Elected less than a year ago. Few have seen or heard of Assemblyman Richard Pan. 9th Assembly District reaches from Sacramento to Lodi.   Few of the areas leaders have met the assemblyman.   He has not responded to invitations  or attended  any community meetings leaving many frustrated as he is their linkContinue reading “Where is Richard Pan? Lodi want to know”

Scott Biddle of Lodi is a value packing meat eater

Safeway‘s meat value packs are huge…   Huge!    The Safeway on Kettleman Lane in Lodi, Ca told  police, a man carrying a small handbasket  took seven packs of  meat worth $350.     According to reports, Lodi officer Chris Delgado says he recognized Scott Biddle (who is obviously a strong man-that’s a lot of beef!)  fromContinue reading “Scott Biddle of Lodi is a value packing meat eater”