Omarion Cancels Appearance at London Nightclub Accused of Racism.

On Oct. 2, promoters at DSTRKT announced an appearance by Omarion. However, the R&B star tweeted that he would not support the club.  The very popular west end  club has been embroiled in controversy surrounding the entry of four black women on Sep 26.

Zalika Miller said, a promoter said one of her friends was too dark and the other was too fat.

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Protesters have called for black performers to boycott the venue.

Last week, Karrucehe Tran   received some backlash after she made an appearance at the club days after the women were denied. Karrueche denounced the discrimination allegations, but some were upset that she decided to party at the club.



Italy: Women ‘shop for men’ on new dating site

Italian women 'shop for men' on new dating site

The Local Italy

Looking for an Italian boyfriend? A new social network is trying to overturn traditional Italian attitudes by giving women the chance to “shop for men”. The Local speaks to the founder to find out how it all works.

In the last few years, cities such as New York and London have witnessed a boom in internet dating. But for some reason, Italy just hadn’t warmed to the idea in the same way.

It was this discrepancy that fascinated 30-year-old London-based Italian web designer Luca Vavassori – so he started studying how his male and female friends used dating sites.

“I soon realized how irritating they can be for a woman using these kind of services,” Vavassori tells The Local. “After publishing their profile, women are literally inundated with dozens of messages from male users, half of which are of a sexual nature.”

It was with this in mind that Milan-born Vavassori started GirlShop, a free dating website that’s been active since February and encourages women to combine their love of shopping with dating.

The concept is simple: female users of the site are invited to go shopping for men. Once they’ve found one they like, they add him to a virtual supermarket trolley.

But there’s a twist: men – who account for around 60 percent of the site’s users – must wait for a woman to contact them first. The unlucky ones have to suffer in silence on the supermarket shelf.

And that’s just one part of the selection process. For a start, not just any old Italian Average Joe (or Giovanni) can sign up.

In their applications to join, men must fill in categories on their profile that include: “Manufacturing defects”, “User instructions” and “Features”. Then they must categorize themselves according to type, with choices that include “L’informatico” (computer geek),“Palestrato” (pumped), “Hipster” and “Tamarro” (tough guy).

Quite a few male users of the site fancy themselves as a “simpaticione” (nice guy) or a“creativo” (creative type), though Vavassori admits that the majority fit the traditional macho Italian stereotype.

Only when the site’s staff deem an applicant to be a “quality product” is he allowed to join.

As you’d expect,, which now has almost 30,000 users, has not escaped criticism, with some suggesting it to be sexist.

They may have a point. In a country where a former prime minister is on trial for buying sex from an underage prostitute and semi-naked showgirls are constantly being paraded on television screens, isn’t Vavassori simply turning the tables and objectifying men?

Not so – the difference is that the site is ironic, he says.

“As soon as you enter GirlShop, you can see that the site is very young and frivolous and that the concept of men as objects is treated in a light-hearted and humorous way. The so-called ‘buying’ of men is only symbolic.”

Online dating is still something of a taboo in Italy’

Is he confident that internet dating – whether ironic or not – will one day take off in Italy?

“Online dating is still something of a taboo in Italy,” he admits. “It’s stigmatized as being something for people who don’t manage to meet people face to face.

“But we’re convinced that things will change. Nowadays, we’re immersed in technology and constantly connected through a vast selection of devices, so it’s natural that more people will start using the internet to meet people.”


‘If you move to Paris on a whim, be prepared”

'If you move to Paris on a whim, be prepared'

For this week’s My French Career we meet tour guide for Localers, Thomas Butler, 28, from Dublin. He made an impulsive decision to move to the capital three years ago. Anyone can do it, he says, they just need to be prepared.

How did you end up living in Paris?

Well I came here on a whim, basically. I was interested in France and had studied a little bit of French at university but I had always wanted to live in Paris. I think what really attracted me was the lifestyle, which is very different to London, where I was living.

What did you do when you first arrived here?

I stayed with a friend who had a flat for a few months and initially started teaching English to earn some money. I ended up taking various odd jobs, like working in a clothes shop, to try to help me succeed in my main aim which was to learn French

How did you find somewhere to live?

It was very difficult. I mainly lived in ‘chambres de bonnes’ (maids’ rooms), which were all very small loft rooms. To find new places I used the websites LeBonCoinCraigslist and SeLoger. The American Church of Paris also has a notice board where people advertise spare rooms but you need to get there early in the morning to have any chance.

How did you pick up the language?

Well it took me a while. I had to put in a lot of effort and do a lot of socializing. I think the language is the biggest barrier. You can live somewhere but if you can’t communicate with people then you can’t converse with them or socialize. It’s a battle, because a lot of people would speak in English so I had to tell them I wanted to speak in French. If you make that effort then eventually it will open doors for you.

How did you end up in the tourism trade?

I did a Masters in French literature at the Sorbonne University and I really wanted to work as a tour guide. I saw an advert for Localers on the website Craigslist and just applied. It’s absolutely fantastic and it’s a fascinating job. The reason I moved here was because of my love for Paris so to be able to share that passion with people who are visiting here is ideal. I work on the website as well as run a literary tour of Paris, taking small groups of visitors around mythical spots associated with the city’s literary culture and history. I try to evoke all those different periods and tell clients about the people involved. We aim to give people a unique tour of Paris. It’s a great experience and its really fresh.

What tips would you give someone hoping to find work in the tourism industry?

The good thing about working in the tourist industry in Paris is that there are a lot of small start-ups out there, which is an interesting place for people to begin with. These small companies are always looking for people. There’s a lot of room for creativity and if you speak English then that’s a huge advantage. We are always looking for new guides. Although most of our guides are locals, if an expat speaks French and has lived here for a decent amount of time and knows the city well then they should get in touch.

Click here for some expert advice on how to find work in France.

What advice would you give to others who are thinking of coming to Paris on a whim?

You have to throw yourself in at the deep end and realize it’s not going to be easy for you. People need to be prepared for that.  If you want to do anything in life you can, but you have to work hard to make it happen. I think the best advice is to be well-prepared. People should try and have a basic level of language before they come here. The thing about living in Paris is that it’s a complicated city to live in. It’s difficult to find jobs and somewhere to live, even opening a bank account although I did not have too much of a problem. Of course it’s possible to do it on a whim, but just be prepared for the difficulties.

With its expert guides Localers offers “authentic” tours promising “encounters with France and its people the local way”. For more information visit


Anna, 105, offered spot in Swedish preschool

A 105-year-old Swedish woman was surprised recently when she received a letter explaining she had been offered a spot at a local preschool class.

Anna Eriksson, 105, lives in a nursing home near Tierp in eastern Sweden, about 130 kilometres north of Stockholm.

But the Swedes‘s three-digit age didn’t stand in the way of her receiving a letter recently from the Central School in Tierp, letting her know the school had a spot for her in a class of children due to turn six next year.

The school’s principal, Marinna Eriksson (no relation) confirmed for the local Upsala Nya Tidning (UNTnewspaper that Anna had received the letter, as had more than 60 other local children.

“The addresses for everyone born in ’07 were included in complete lists we received from the population registry,” Marianna Eriksson told UNT.

When the labels were placed on the letters, however, no one happened to notice that one was addressed to the nursing home of Anna Eriksson, who is also born in ´07 – 1907, that is.

Her daughter got in touch and she and I both thought it was pretty funny. The two of them and I could see the humour in what happened,” the principal said.

She added that the centenarian is more than welcome to come by the school for an open house for the families of prospective students.

“It would be fun if Anna Eriksson wanted to come here to meet the school’s leadership and have coffee,” Marinna Eriksson told UNT.

The Local 

The Queen Advertises for Cleaner below Minimum Wage

British Campaigners criticize her for “setting a bad example” 

The Queen is advertising for a cleaner at Windsor Castle – at 78p an hour below the recommended living wage.

Campaigners last night ­criticised her for “setting a bad example” on the heels of the drive for better pay launched last month by ­Ed and David Miliband.

While Britain marked Living Wage Week – which calls for pay of £7.45 an hour outside London and £8.55 in the capital – the Queen advertised on the ­Buckingham Palace website for a maid to work for just £6.67 per hour.

The part-time job offers just 47p an hour above the legal minimum wage and is the equivalent of a £13,000 full-time salary.

There is no accommodation provided with the job, and duties will include hoovering, mopping, dusting, waxing wooden window ledges, setting up rooms and changing bed linen.

The successful applicant will work a 30-hour week from 8am to 1pm.

Grahame Morris, Labour MP for Easington, County Durham – who has campaigned for the implementation of the living wage – said yesterday: “This looks really bad. Since the Queen receives considerable support from the public purse she should pay a living wage, not just barely a minimum wage.

“She’s setting a bad example to other employers. Windsor is in one of the 12 most affluent boroughs in the country, so you would anticipate the cost of living would be that much higher.

“I would hate to see a return to the Victorian days where a privileged elite preside over the unwashed masses and just pay the bare minimum.”

Mark Serwotka, head of the PCS union, said: “Workers who clean the royal houses for millions of visitors to enjoy will not tolerate poverty pay.”

In July this year the Queen was looking for a Windsor Castle servant to work a 40-hour week for £14,000 per year. Keeper of the Privy Purse Sir Alan Reid – who rakes in a £180,000 salary himself – has frozen the pay of royal staff earning more than £21,000 a year.

A Buckingham Palace spokesman said: “We are reviewing our policies regarding the living wage.


By: Victoria Murphy/UK Mirror

It’s a Nicki, Nicki, Nicki Minaj Winter

Her way over the top  wardrobe instantly makes one think of Lady Gaga.    Like Gaga, Nicki has a large fan base, she affectionately calls the “barbz” this base  goes where no other rapper has gone before as she appeals to small children and adults.

Her debut album “Pink Friday” was released in November, 2010 and in 2011 she scored the most charted singles by any female rap album in Billboard history. She was the first artist to have seven singles on the Billboard HOT 100 chart simultaneously.  As of this moment she has four songs on the chart .

She is currently in the UK the first stop on  her first arena tour   “Pink Friday Reloaded” her album “Pink Friday Reloaded drops Nov 19th.

The tour has had a few early kinks, a wardrobe malfunction and sound problems.

Mike Atkinson from This is Nottingham writes :   Happily, none of these shenanigans dented Nicki’s showmanship and star quality. The steel-willed super-achiever in her would never have allowed it.  When Freed from all stage trickery, her dancers dispatched to the wings, the rapper returned to her hardcore hip hop roots, spitting out her rhymes with dazzling brilliance, and a fiery conviction that hadn’t quite been there before. Meanwhile, the diehard fans in the front rows returned every word, almost turning the performance into a conversation. If Nicki Minaj can hold onto that realness and nurture her on-stage connection with her ever-loving fanbase, even as the venues grow in size, then her biggest tour to date could just turn out to be her greatest triumph yet.   That was on the 22nd 

Andre Paine of  The London Evening Standard  wrote of her performance last night Nicki Minaj’s admission during her first London arena show that she is “obsessed” with Britain only intensified the mutual adoration between the petite rapper and her fans.  The music didn’t always feel central to this energetic show given she was performing over the top of each track, though Minaj’s mad-eyed delivery was devastatingly effective when she was in full flow. Sheer force of personality enabled her to veer between musical styles. Super Bass was a collision of slinky synth-pop and cheeky rap; Fire Burns was a baleful sort of ballad; and the sassy Va Va Voom beat Katy Perry at her own game. Indeed, her rivals are demure in comparison though the show’s sauciest bits were left to the scantily clad dancers — as unsuitable for the young children in the O2 as some of Minaj’s lyrics.  Minaj dutifully wiggled her bottom but there was also a camp humour at play when she emerged wearing a diva-like pink robe and wig, lounging in a sparkly bathtub flanked by bare-chested singers, and appeared bouncing on an inflatable limo (pink, of course). For all her rap prowess, the most thrilling moments were the hits — particularly the finale of Starships..

Nicki Minaj is currently a judge on American Idol, she has her own perfume, lipstick.    Some consider her the most influential female rapper of all time.   Tour dates for the US aren’t available.   But who knows, its possible there will be a Nicki Minaj Summer.


Being Mitt Romney Sucks Today !!! He makes headlines (Mitt the twit) in London

What do they say about first impressions?

Mitt Romney is off to a bad start in his international presidential candidate tour.    The good news is the Brits can’t vote in November.  The bad news this gaffe has gone global.

From the UK Sun

Mitt the twit

Wannabe US President Romney in Games insult, but David Cameron insists: We’ll show you

Mitt Romney

Blunders … Mitt Romney
By GRAEME WILSON, Deputy Political Editor
Published: Today at 00:12

WANNABE president Mitt Romney infuriated Prime Minister David Cameron  yesterday by making a string of embarrassing blunders.

The US election hopeful, on a visit to London, questioned whether the Olympics  will be a success.

Mr Romney said in a TV interview: “It’s hard to know just how well it will  turn out. There are a few things that were disconcerting.”

The Republican candidate, who organised the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake  City, also questioned whether the British people will “come together and  celebrate” the Olympics.

There was further embarrassment when Mr Romney said he had looked out of “the backside of Number 10” to see the beach volleyball court.

He breached diplomatic protocol by revealing he had been briefed by MI6 chief  Sir John Sawers, then appeared to forget Labour leader Ed Miliband’s name,  calling him “Mr Leader” instead.

Mr Cameron later slapped down the Massachusetts governor. Visiting the Olympic  Park on the eve of the opening ceremony, the PM insisted the GaHe said: “We’ll show the world we’ve not only come together as a United  Kingdom, but are extremely good at welcoming people from across the world.

“You will see Britain can deliver.”

In a clear swipe at Mr Romney, he added: “We are holding an Olympic Games in  one of the busiest, most active, bustling cities in the world. Of course  it’s easier if you hold an Olympic Games in the middle of nowhere.”

London organising committee chairman Lord Coe said a staggering THREE  MILLION people have turned out to see the torch relay in the capital  alone.

He added: “No stone has been left unturned — whether it be the village, the  training facilities, the venues.”

London mayor Boris Johnson publicly ridiculed Mr Romney. Addressing the crowd  at an Olympic concert in Hyde Park, Mr Johnson said: “There’s a guy called  Mitt Romney who wants to know if we’re ready. Are we ready?”

The 60,000-strong audience responded with a deafening cry of “Yes we are!”

Team GB chairman Colin Moynihan urged Olympic chiefs to axe the controversial  Games Lanes reserved for Olympic vehicles, branding them “a waste of time”.

He revealed he was using the Tube to reach the Olympic Park, saying: “It’s the  quickest way to get here.”

From “the Telegraph”

Commentary: if Mitt Romney doesn’t like us, we shouldn’t care

Mitt Romney is perhaps the only politician who could start a trip that was   supposed to be a charm offensive by being utterly devoid of charm and mildly   offensive.

His derisory comments questioning Britain’s preparedness for the Olympics in   an interview with NBC were a strange way to build bridges with a country   that he says should be restored as the umbilical ally of the United States,   and a strange way to demonstrate the persuasive qualities needed as leader   of the free world.

Mr Romney is the scion of Liverpudlians who sought and found fortune and the   freedom to practice the Mormon faith (eventually) across the pond. His wife   Ann has Welsh pedigree.

The Republican candidate supposedly values these connections so highly that   foreign policy advisors told the Daily Telegraph that a Romney presidency   would restore the “Anglo-Saxon” dimension of the transatlantic alliance.

But his comments to NBC, particularly his doubts about Britons’ ability to   celebrate the games, showed how poorly he understands the land of his   forefathers.

If he possessed a smidgeon of insight into the British psyche he would have   known that despite all the pre-match whingeing and the carping, that on the   night we will celebrate the games with all the gusto and fervour they   deserve. We moan, and then we smile; that is just our way   And to even a casual student of British public life, it was obvious both that   immigration officers would call off their strike at the eleventh hour and   that thousands of part-time labourers wouldn’t be bothered to show up to   work for G4S, the security firm.

I have listened to Mitt Romney’s stump speech countless times. A standard   refrain is to run down Europe – not a hard case to make at the moment – and   that includes us.

Not once have I heard him praise Britain or extol the special relationship he   now belatedly trumpets. He even reprised his dislike of the NHS shortly   before leaving for these shores of benighted, yellow-toothed natives who   spend half their lives waiting in hospital, having tried as governor of   Massachusetts to ensure that everyone in his state, as in Britain, had   access to health care.

His current pledge to “revive” ties between the US and Britain sounds   suspiciously like a talking point drummed up in a policy meeting and   designed to differentiate himself from President Barack Obama for domestic   purposes.

Yet there isn’t much currently wrong with the transatlantic alliance, as last   summer’s exultant state visit by Obama showed.

It is true the president is less enamoured of traditional allies than his   predecessors, but that reflects as much his exotic background and upbringing   than his country’s changing interests. There have been plenty of bumps and   kinks in relations before.

Romney is a pragmatist and a businessman above all else. As president he would   put American interests first, as has the man he is trying to beat in   November. Britain might not feel so special then.

From “The Guardian”

Mitt Romney’s Olympics blunder stuns No 10 and hands gift to Obama

Republican candidate backtracks on warning of ‘disconcerting’ signs for Games after rebukes by British PM and London mayor

From the “UK Times”

Carl Lewis flays Romney over London 2012 gaffe

Philip Webster

Updated 30 minutes ago

Carl Lewis, one of the greatest Olympians, today hit out at Mitt Romney over  his gaffe about London’s preparations for the Games.  The winner of nine Olympic golds said that “seriously, some Americans just…

Goverment to Barclays Bank- No fund Rasing for Romney

 Barclays Back is sponcering a fund raiser for Mitt Romney today. An early-day motion (EDM) signed by 11 MPs last week demanded the bank and its   directors stop working to bolster Mr Romney’s election campaign and   concentrate on repairing confidence in Britians  banking system.  In response, Cyrus Ardalan, Barclays’ head of UK and European government   relations, wrote to the MPs, insisting the bank was not a supporter of the   Presidential hopeful.      “I … would like to clarify that all political activity undertaken by   Barclays’ US employees, including personal fundraising for specific   candidates, is done so in a personal capacity, and not on behalf of Barclays,” he wrote.


He was the Gaffe king during  GOP debates.  We may have to get used to Mitt (Gaffes R Us )Romney and limit his international  travel to countries without weapons of mass destruction.   Being Mitt Romney Sucks Today, if he is relatively silent tonight at the fundraiser, perhaps he will suck a little less.