Sacramento to LA for $15 bucks? Say Hello to the FlixBus

Bus Wars?  A few years ago an Bus alternative to Greyhound entered the Sacramento market,  Megabus with fares as low as $1.00 to Reno and San Francisco.   The San Francisco leg is extremely popular.  Giving Sacramentians a lower cost option for communters to the city.        Last January, the company discontinued its Reno-Sparks route.Continue reading “Sacramento to LA for $15 bucks? Say Hello to the FlixBus”

Just another Refugee from San Francisco

I saw a familiar head in line at the BelAir Market on West El Camino.  We used to call him Peanut head back in the day.   I hadn’t seen Peanut head in more than ten years.  We lost contact after my family moved to Sacramento in the nineties.   There he was, in living color, inContinue reading “Just another Refugee from San Francisco”

Kanye West Stiffs Fans In LA

Photo: Google Kanye!  Kanye! Kanye!  Twitter and social media  was on fire after Kanye had a meltdown in Sacramento  abandoning thousands angry  fans Saturday Night. Kanye Krazy! With his fans trashing him on Social Media  (Especially after declaring if he would have voted he would have voted for Trump)  The notorious Tweeter posted odd looking fashionContinue reading “Kanye West Stiffs Fans In LA”

SPORTS GONE WRONG: The Oakland Coliseum may be without professional sports team

By CityFella, Opened nearly 50 years ago, the Oakland Coliseum Complex has aged well.  It was built at a time when Professional sports were moving away from the central city and towards the suburbs, near the freeways.   Was the home of the San Francisco Warriors who relocated from the old Civic (now Bill Graham)Continue reading “SPORTS GONE WRONG: The Oakland Coliseum may be without professional sports team”

Los Angeles declares homelessness state of emergency

San Julian Street in Downtown Los Angeles Los Angeles officials said Tuesday that they will declare a state of emergency over homelessness and proposed spending $100 million to reduce the number of people living on the streets. City Council President Herb Wesson, along with members of the council’s Homelessness and Poverty Committee and Mayor EricContinue reading “Los Angeles declares homelessness state of emergency”

Professional Football Has a California Problem (Joe Mathews has a solution)

Three Teams Want to Come to L.A., but I’ve Got Better Ideas By: Joe Mathews/ Pro football has a “California problem.” So say some of the most powerful people in the sport. And as a new National Football League season kicks off this weekend, they are busily pursuing thoughtless solutions to the California problem thatContinue reading “Professional Football Has a California Problem (Joe Mathews has a solution)”

Swedish union takes swipe at US lifestyle

Swedish paternal leave came up smelling all roses. Screengrab from TCO By:Ann Törnkvis/The Local Swedish blue-collar trade unionists have exported the Swedish Model to the glamorous backdrop of Los Angeles, at least in its latest advertising push to extol the virtues of Sweden’s work-life balance. The Swedish garden-party essential, a good game of kubb, takes place not on a suburbanContinue reading “Swedish union takes swipe at US lifestyle”

Freaky Foul Freeloading Friday: Michael Douglas,RHONJ,The Big Wheel, FBI, No Arrest Arden Fair,

                             Hott in Sacramento Its gonna be hot in Sacramento. Not warm,  freekin hot ,anywhere from 103 to 108.   Every summer, even after  20 years,  I question the wisdom of my move to Sacramento, if I were in San Francisco, IContinue reading “Freaky Foul Freeloading Friday: Michael Douglas,RHONJ,The Big Wheel, FBI, No Arrest Arden Fair,”

The Accidental Mistress

After a lifetime of serial dating, Kym Canter thought she had finally found Mr. Right. Swept up in a whirlwind romance, they planned a happily ever after life together — until one e-mail changed everything. I MET ANDREW through a dating website last spring. He was good-looking, and we had a lot in common—we were theContinue reading “The Accidental Mistress”

BOGO Gone?

I love shopping!  LOVE shopping!   Hate crowds,! HATE CROWDS!    Hate shopping malls filled with people  not watching where they’re going,  I hate the smell of Cinnabon.  I hate Costco on weekends with scores of people grazing, “Oh look tri-tip”  I wish I had Elvis Presley money, where the mall would stay open justContinue reading “BOGO Gone?”