‘The Celebrity Apprentice’ recap: The Mouth That Roared

Lisa’s not happy. And she’s going to let you know about it. Especially if your name is Lou Ferrigno. Prepare yourself, ladies and gentlemen. Strap yourself in good and tight, because I am about to lay on you the greatest quote in Celebrity Apprentice history.  Now, I know what you’re thinking: Impossible! Better than an entire season full ofContinue reading “‘The Celebrity Apprentice’ recap: The Mouth That Roared”

Celebrity Apprentice recap: 3/11 BOOM!

Judge Judy sometime reminds litigants the show is her play pin.  Last night, The Trumpster reminded everyone, he is running this! I’ll be very brief here, the task or the Challenge was a presentation for Buick, and their newest model the Verano.    Neither presentation was good but Buick chose the ladies. The men’s team was stunnedContinue reading “Celebrity Apprentice recap: 3/11 BOOM!”

Celebrity Apprentice week 2: Victoria your Fired ! & Cut that magicial weave!

Boy when I get it wrong, I get it wrong..  Last week I thought Lisa Lampenelli, feared Victoria Gotti, WRONG! Last week, Ms Gotti was in the board room, and didn’t like being on the chopping block-at the end of the day it was Cheryl Tiegs.   She angrily entered the main room with serious “tude’  sputtering  “Women will turn on youContinue reading “Celebrity Apprentice week 2: Victoria your Fired ! & Cut that magicial weave!”