When America shopped at Sears J.C Penney’s and Macy’s at the Mall

There was a time in America when people lived just outside the Central City. The Central City was the hub for retail and entertainment. Over time families left the Central  City for larger and less expensive homes in the suburbs and one by one,retail followed them.    I can clearly remember when J.C. Penney’s closedContinue reading “When America shopped at Sears J.C Penney’s and Macy’s at the Mall”

The Golden One Center in Sacramento can cure Acne

I didn’t live in Sacramento when the second Arco Arena opened,  It had to be the second coming of christ.  The  Golden 1 Center opens in two weeks with Sir Paul McCartney. (Millennials are looking him up on their smart phones ,Who? ) There is so much antipation, so much hope for a building that someContinue reading “The Golden One Center in Sacramento can cure Acne”

Trapped in Downtown Sacramento

Final touches are being added to the New Golden 1 Center at 5th and J Streets in Downtown Sacramento. After more than a decade of ultimatums and threats ,the new home of the Sacramento Kings will open October 4th with a Paul McCartney Concert. The half billion dollar venue can accommodate 17,500 for basketball and 19,200Continue reading “Trapped in Downtown Sacramento”

Black Friday 2014: Are you in or Over it?

Arden Fair Mall-Sacramento  Black Friday,2013  picture KCRA By CityFella Last year holidays shopping season wasn’t a good one for the nations retailers. Black Friday sales were down. Shoppers held out for bargains and found them throughout the season. Urban Camping Black Friday has become a tradition for many families. Generations armed with turkey cran, andContinue reading “Black Friday 2014: Are you in or Over it?”

My teeny tiny encounters with Robin Williams

By: Cityfella If you work in Downtown San Francisco near the major hotels, Celebrity sightings aren’t  uncommon. I worked for car rental agencies and from time to time celebrities would rent or return their cars. You remember the nice celebrities, Linda Grey, Jim Nabors, John Travolta come to mind and you have lifetime stories aboutContinue reading “My teeny tiny encounters with Robin Williams”

Sacramento Retail 2023: 70% of shopping via Electronic Device

Next week, more people may buy online than in Retail Stores By: CityFella Some may remember these stores . Montgomery Wards, Mervyn’s ,Weinstocks, Gottschalks, Bon Marche , Bullocks, Bamburgers ,The Broadway, Britt’s Department Stores,Gimble’s , Newmans, Dayton’s, Jordan Marsh, Meier and Frank ,The Emporium stores these once anchored America’s Downtown’s and  Shopping Malls   ForContinue reading “Sacramento Retail 2023: 70% of shopping via Electronic Device”

Clothing for the Big Man (Store Ratings)

Clothing for the big man has always been challenging.  Deranged clothing manufactures charging  premium prices  for bulletproof polyester.   Designing bright floral shirts that can be seen from forty thousand feet.   Who designs these clothes?  Few XXXL men want to wear clothing that brings extra attention to their size. There is good and bad news forContinue reading “Clothing for the Big Man (Store Ratings)”

Lifestyle Changes (shopping closer to home)

For decades ,Wal Mart “America’s retailer” built its stores on the edge of town where land cost were low.   People drove across town to shop at its stores. Rising gas prices is slowly reshaping where we shop.    Driving cross town can reverse cost savings as a result many american’s are shopping closer toContinue reading “Lifestyle Changes (shopping closer to home)”