Bullying Around The World: 11 yo Spanish Student Leaps from Window

The parents of an eleven-year-old boy who was driven to suicide by school bullies have published his heartbreaking goodbye in a bid to highlight the case. Diego threw himself out of the fifth floor window at the family home in Villaverde on October 14th after complaining that he was unhappy at school. But before heContinue reading “Bullying Around The World: 11 yo Spanish Student Leaps from Window”

Spanish artist fights for fashion’s real victims

Spanish artist Yolanda Dominguez shocked shoppers on Madrid‘s emblematic Gran Via on Tuesday by staging a re-enactment of last month’s Bangladesh factory disaster to raise awareness about the working conditions in the Asian country’s textile industry. Dominguez, 35, organized the ‘real fashion victims’ campaign which involved several fashion bloggers spreadeagled under piles of rubble inContinue reading “Spanish artist fights for fashion’s real victims”