Racism Pays? One NBA owner may know the way?

By CityFella, Setting the ground rules,I am bit of a cynic. Moving on………… It wasn’t planned (or was it? ) but the notorious Donald Sterling may be on to something. The National Basketball Association would not allow a notorious racist control its franchise and IT was going to force the sale of the Los AngelesContinue reading “Racism Pays? One NBA owner may know the way?”

NBA may ban Donald Sterling, but he isn’t going away, unless he chooses to.

By: CityFella Tape “O” Rama The counter tape! He grew up in East LA, where  he was the president of the high school  at a time 50 percent of the student body was black and 40 was Hispanic.   Clearly they liked him before he owned real estate It broke his heart Magic Johnson, aContinue reading “NBA may ban Donald Sterling, but he isn’t going away, unless he chooses to.”

Donald Sterling “Simply a stupid man”

By CityFella Black Coaches and Players of the Los Angeles Clippers have long known of their bosses racism. Six years ago a  long term executive of the franchise   unsuccessfully sued their boss citing race. The federal government were successful in their suit charging he engaged in discriminatory rental practices against Hispanics, blacks, and familiesContinue reading “Donald Sterling “Simply a stupid man””