Sweden: Get off! Bus driver kicks off 19 pre-school kids

Three adults and 19 children under the age of five were told to leave a bus in southern Sweden and were forced to walk 2.5 miles when the driver complained that the school’s collective ticket was  ($4.60) short. With the exception of two children who were one-year-olds and in push chairs, all of the young Malmö passengersContinue reading “Sweden: Get off! Bus driver kicks off 19 pre-school kids”

One in five Thai parlours in Sweden offers ‘happy ending’

Every fifth Thai massage parlour in Malmö, southern Sweden, accepts requests for sexual gratification at the end of a session, a Swedish newspaper reported on Thursday. The news comes following the Sydsvenskan newspaper‘s probe into illegal prostitution among the Thai massage parlours in Malmö, Sweden‘s third largest city. Local police receive “several tip-offs a week” but do notContinue reading “One in five Thai parlours in Sweden offers ‘happy ending’”

Chihuahua terrorizes neighberhood

Killer Police in southern Sweden, who were called out to apprehend a loose dog that was reportedly terrorizing a neighbourhood in the Käglinge district of Malmö, were surprised to find that the aggressive canine was a Chihuahua.   “I did think it was going to be a bigger dog than that,” said Calle person of theContinue reading “Chihuahua terrorizes neighberhood”