Sacramento Kings: Soap Opera R.E.S.P.E.C.T!

Clearly its personal……  It’s not about the City of Sacramento or Seattle.   It’s about  honor and principal. The newly empowered, Maloof Family wants respect.  If they had the cash, I believe they would stay in Sacramento and build this team, the brothers liked Sacramento and the liked owning a professional franchise.   But they don’t have the capital.Continue reading “Sacramento Kings: Soap Opera R.E.S.P.E.C.T!”

Sacramento Kings-Downtown Arena “Sacramento’s never ending story”

Remember Al Pacino‘s line in the godfather Just When I Thought I Was Out, They Pull Me Back In!  This sentiment is shared by many Sacramentian .   Just when we thought the saga was over last April with the Maloofs eleventh hour withdrawal  from the downtown arena project .   A legitimate  offer from Seattle sent MayorContinue reading “Sacramento Kings-Downtown Arena “Sacramento’s never ending story””

MALOOF’S SACRAMENTO HERO’S? Arena Deal (Would) Cost Taxpayers MILLIONS

What a difference a few days makes.   Just last week, we villainized  the Maloof‘s ,the Owners of the Sacramento Kings when they backed out of the Downtown Arena deal at the eleventh hour.  Last year they wanted out, Anaheim was calling, but at the NBA board of governors meeting last year, they were smackedContinue reading “MALOOF’S SACRAMENTO HERO’S? Arena Deal (Would) Cost Taxpayers MILLIONS”

Sacramento to the Maloof’s “GET OUT” leave the KINGS!

So Long Ago February 28,2012   Maloof greed has once again reared its ugly head or heads.  For one who has followed the  drama called the Sacramento Kings, its a bit of Deja Vu.   Step into the wayback machine and set the dial to 2006. Back then the citizens of Sacramento, was asked to tax themselves toContinue reading “Sacramento to the Maloof’s “GET OUT” leave the KINGS!”

NIGHTMARE! “Sacramento Kings owners dragging feet-may move anyway?

Joe Maloof–Mayor Kevin Johnson-Gavin Maloof After years of discussion,rumors of  moves to Las Vegas, Anaheim,Louisville and Seattle, the pieces are finally in place for a new 391 million  dollar downtown Arena for fledgling Sacramento Kings. The Maloofs, the owners of the Sacramento Kings  said the current arena Power Balance Pavillion (which they own) believed a new arena was needed andContinue reading “NIGHTMARE! “Sacramento Kings owners dragging feet-may move anyway?”