The $20 That Broke My Relationship’s Back

  My boyfriend’s “borrowing” ended us. ​ By: Suzannah Weiss/Marie Claire The fall semester of my second to last year of college, I was browsing my OKCupid matches when a cute musician’s response to the site’s “most private thing I’m willing to admit” caught my eye: “My cat was 100 percent deaf, and I still talkedContinue reading “The $20 That Broke My Relationship’s Back”


“I am a man who simply enjoys dancing and needs money to have a better life, and being a woman is the way.” By Elizabeth Griffin/Marie Claire Cloaked in a vibrant red sari, a veil covering his fully made-up face, 27-year-old Waseem Akram has become “Rani,” a female dancer. “I am not transgendered,” Akram assertsContinue reading “INSIDE THE DOUBLE LIVES OF PAKISTAN’S CROSS-DRESSING MEN”

10 Things No One Ever Tells You About Owning a Dog

No more all-night outings, last-minute travel, or sleeping in.     By Sarah Burstyn/Marie Claire   1. There’s no cute way to pick up poop. 2. “The dog ate my Louis Vuitton” is not a valid excuse for a refund. 3. You might have to cut a great date short to go feed the dog.Continue reading “10 Things No One Ever Tells You About Owning a Dog”

My Mom and I Share the same Husband

A mother and daughter having sex with the same man may sound hard to believe, but it’s a necessity for women in one Bangladeshi tribe. Not that they’re thrilled about it Orola Dalbot, 30, with the 42-year-old husband she shares with her 51-year-old mother. As a child in rural Bangladesh, Orola Dalbot, 30, liked growingContinue reading “My Mom and I Share the same Husband”

The Accidental Mistress

After a lifetime of serial dating, Kym Canter thought she had finally found Mr. Right. Swept up in a whirlwind romance, they planned a happily ever after life together — until one e-mail changed everything. I MET ANDREW through a dating website last spring. He was good-looking, and we had a lot in common—we were theContinue reading “The Accidental Mistress”

Where the Women Aren’t

In a village in Da Xin township, there are no single women. In China, a cultural preference for boys has created such a severe gender imbalance that unmarried men will soon outnumber unmarried women by an estimated 40 million. Abigail Haworth reports on the country’s looming marriage crisis from the lonely hearts ground zero —Continue reading “Where the Women Aren’t”

Navigating the politics of plus sizes?

More retailers are making stylish clothes to fit women who don’t fit the size 12 mold. New York University student Stella Boonshoft didn’t focus on fashion when she posted a photo of her size 12 self in underwear on her Body Love Blog. Neither did Wisconsin news anchor Jennifer Livingston when she aired her grievancesContinue reading “Navigating the politics of plus sizes?”

Stories of Race and Love

MIXED BLESSING ENGAGED, TOGETHER FOR 7 YEARS Arielle Davis and Ian Julie Half-black, half-white — how one woman discovered her romantic color-blind spot —By Anna Holmes You are a girl who looks like the world,” a friend once told me. I knew what she meant: My caramel-colored skin and curly hair, the product of aContinue reading “Stories of Race and Love”