Geezer Logic

It sucks to be Mark Zuckerberg these days.  Facebook’s data breech, the Russians, fake News, his company has failed America.   His punishment is appearing in front of the Senate Commerce and Judiciary Committees.  He has to sit through hours of requests and questions and not appear to be condescending or superior to members of the Committee. Continue reading “Geezer Logic”

I’ll die 4 U “MARK”– Zuckerberg. “Facebook Founder files restraining order

On December 13th, Pradeep Manukonda wrote a letter to Facebook.   He needed  help ,a matter of life & death, and in the letter he revealed that he had been coming to “Zuckerberg’s office  and waiting in front. In one of the letters  he stated he wanted Zuckerberg help, saving his mother’s life and which he wroteContinue reading “I’ll die 4 U “MARK”– Zuckerberg. “Facebook Founder files restraining order”

Hollywood comes to Sacratomatoville ” 2010 California Hall of Fame

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