RHOA: S10 ep6 “All Aboard The Shady Express”

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I’m not ready to give Marlo Hampton a peach YET!  But I want more of her and Nene clearly needs her.   As Nene was flapping her gums, Marlo was fixing her wig and her bob that had collapsed on her head.  Marlo not only fixed that wig (how does someone have a problem with a wig?) but she tighten up Nene’s clothes all the while Nene going off on Porsha.

Last night’s episode began where the last episode left off with Nene’s and Porsha’s  petty argument in San Francisco.    While the fight began with the beef between to of them it evolved into Nene’s defense of Kandi.  Nene suggests Porsha’s should have been fired along with Phaedra.   As Nene is being pushed out the door, Sheree stays with Porsha.

The next morning, the ladies board a motorized cable car for a tour on the city.  On the tour Kenya shares pictures of her paternal grandmother who raised her.  Kenya is leaving a day early to attend her funeral.  Kenya’ distress hits Porsha who just lost a family member.   Cynthia notices and comforts Porsha.

Say what you want about Cynthia, but she seems to be the only real adult in Atlanta this season.   She is loyal to a fault, and while Porsha is on the outs with most of these ladies, Cynthia isn’t as cold as say Nene.  She has been drugged through the mud by Nene and tells Porsha its gonna take a while. Nene, hates that Cynthia is no longer following her like a lap dog and she hates being number two to Kenya.

Porsha apologies to Kandi, again. Not sure she is sincere, perhaps she thinks if Kandi opens up a little, the other ladies will come around.  Right now, she is the outcast.

In Chinatown,Porsha, Sheree, and Marlo decide that they should do something nice for Kenya that night since she’s having a hard time.  with a cardboard groom. Someone went on the street and filled the room  with a random gay audience. This could have gone south, but  Kenya went with it .

 Porsha Williams shared some of her wisdom with us.   In San Francisco’s Chinatown,she says “I feel like I just stepped out the trolley, and now I’m in Tokyo!”  

 At  Fisherman’s Wharf, Nene tells her circle that Sheree’s incarcerated boyfriend is a con man who was arrested for conning a company out of “like $4 million.”  We see a flashback when Nene and Sheree was talking about the notorious Tyrone. ,Kandi says, “I hope he don’t con her out of Chateau Sheree.”   Kenya comes quick with  ” Well, it’s not in her name so he can’t do that,”


After a ninety minute bus ride, the ladies boarded a wine train.    After Porsha returns from a restroom break, she finds herself sitting with Kenya and Kandi. Can someone say awkward.    The tension breaks after Porsha orders a Vegan meal and shares that she in now 175 pounds.

Nene who is sometimes the expert on all things told the group Sheree’s boyfreind was in the joint for “tricking the stocks”  Sheree laughs and corrects her “It wasn’t stocks that he went in for it was security fraud and wire fraud!”   GET IT RIGHT BITCH!

Marlo brought her skills to the vineyard.  As the over the top flirty owner was feeding grapes to the ladies, Marlo deep throated the grapes, as to say, bitches this is how you get a summer home.     Grapes are stomped wine is enjoyed all is good in Napa.

Kenya has exited to attend her grandmothers funeral.  With Kenya gone, Marlo  says “Let’s play a game: How many believe that Kenya is really married? Raise your hand,”asked the group, do they believe she’s married? and she shadily thinks its weird Cynthia hasn’t met him.

Cynthia leaves the table and in her confessional says “These girls are a trip; they rained on Kenya’s parade when she didn’t have a man, they rain on it extra hard now that she does have one.”

While it may have been all in fun, Cynthia is a loyal friend and there is a part of her is hurt that her bestie didn’t tell her, didn’t introduce her  didn’t include in the wedding.











RHOA: S10 Ep5 Jus Som Petty Mess!

Porsha Williams Says NeNe Leakes Should be in Anger Management

There was much anticipation in Sacramento for Kim Zolciak to two step on Kenya Moore’s forehead last night.  It would have been good TV.  Kim has big feet and Kenya has a big forehead.   Would have been, but Bravo bamboozled us.   It was over in mega seconds.

Kim came in cocked and loaded for Kenya.  She can’t stand da bitch and Kim had her on the ropes, but instead of Kenya going one on one on Kim she went after her daughter.   Y’all know, you don’t go after someones mama or their kids.   A lot of people have hit the flo at Wal-Mart for going after the kids and Ginsu’d for talking about someone’s mama.

Kim is restrained….and left the party with Sheree and KROY!!   WTF?  Kroy waits in the car?   Whatevah!    Cynthia supports her gurl Kenya.

The three of them go to Porsha’s house, who lives in the neighborhood.  So they can share this hot tea with Porsha and her sister Lauren.   As in any dispute or argument the details become muddied.

We learned that Gregg is going to be okay with some new medication.   One thing is very clear, Nene really loves her husband Gregg.

Cynthia’s daughter Noelle is not moving to Charlotte with the boyfriend.  He’s an all or nothing guy, and Noelle will stay in Atlanta with mom.

Kenya’s grandmother died.  This is the women who raised her, after her birth mom rejected her.   The loss is deep, it has to be noted that her hubby seems to be no where around.

Sheree the bone carrier’s. life coach suggested some reflection time , a weekend at a hotel.  The hotel she chooses  is in San Francisco.   She invited (before the big fight ) all the ladies except Kandi who was in NY.  (Kim’s not coming)   The bone carrier, thought she’d visit Kandi at the studio to bring  her up to date with latest hot news.    Kandi’s, friend and employee Don Juan, reminds Kandi, the Sheree doesn’t always get the story right or said in another way,  the bitch be adding her own touches to the story.

Kandi fresh from New York and on tour with Xscape wants to stay with her kids.  But with the steaming hott tea from Sheree, she’s going to San Francisco.

Sidenote: I’m originally from San Francisco.  The flight from Atlanta to San Francisco is about four hours.  They must have spent another painful four hours on that bus, before arriving to their hotel.    San Francisco International is 13 miles south of downtown.   The bus went along way so that they could admire the city from the Bay Bridge , which meant they went through Oakland .   I am sure fans from the Bay Area was going whatttt? 

One the bus ,Sheree shares she is in love with a man in prison!  Tyrone is his name and Sheree and Nene has known him for a minute.   This is a new Sheree, who normally keeps her private life private,  so we are all impressed.

Therapeutic? Retreat? With Marlo?    I guess its official, OFFICIAL!  Nene and Marlo have made up.  Nene isn’t feeling Cynthia, and she doesn’t share.  Cynthia and Kenya are good friends so Nene brought the uninvited Marlo to have her back?   The evening dinner quickly deteriorated in a juvenile argument  between Porsha and Nene, did too! did too! did too!   Not much more to see, so keep it movin.

Next week will be a continuation of this silly mess…..



Did too!


The Real Housewives of Atlanta Sp9 Ep13 : If these woods could talk

Q: What do you get when you mix  Sheree Whitfield with Marlo Hampton?

A: A lot of Shit!

Picking up from where we left off, the wonderful housewives are in a bus heading for the camping grounds.   The heat between Kenya and Porsha  has calmed, at least for now.  However, Kenya  still doesn’t believe Porsha’s anger management classes are working.

The ladies arrive to check in  and the desk clerk reminds them to watch out for critters in the woods.   Remember, Pheadra made arrangements for the ladies but Kandi, Porsha and Sheree, all brought uninvited guests..   Poor Sheree, at checkin, Marlo announces has gas issues.  Sheree brought everything but a GAS mask.

Earn your Peach

Alone in their cabin, Sheree the shit stirrer (maybe its appropriate Marlo is her roomate) coyly mentions  someone in the group is: “dipping in the lady pond”.  She doesn’t mention a name. but Marlo asks if its Kandi?

Sheree says she really hates the fakery. The ladies have real issues with each other but act  all friendly and nice when they hang out.

 Porsha and Phaedra have been throwing around Kandi hooking up with Shamea are just another example of stabbing a buddy in the back while kissing them on the cheek.

Shereé’s diabolical plan is to bring up the rumors during their upcoming campfire session of “Ask Marlo,”

Its Marlo Time! 

While they may have compy cabins, tonight its about the full outdoor camping experience, its Tent City Baby.

While the ladies all have their cans and bottles of bug sprays.  Leave it to Marlo, to bedazzle her can with sparkles.

While the professional can assemble his tent in five minutes, the women take much longer.   Some took two hours.

After all the tents competed, its time for roasting marshmallows and housewives. Porsha’s sister Lauren starts the “Ask Marlo ” segment of the evening.   Asking Marlo what was the deal between Marlo and Kenya.  Kenya’s look is “not again”  Marlo seems happy to share . Explaining how Kenya  left her out of a birthday and housewarming party.   While Kenya said , she “apologized multiple times” for what happened Marlo doesn’t remember and the two goes back and forth and then Marlo goes deep by saying  You know  she’s a bad person when her own mother won’t even talk to her,” which gets a immediate reaction from all the ladies .   Phaedra sweeps in and changes the conversation. .

The Morning After 

Tent free, the ladies head back to the cabins..At lunch, the topic becomes divorce. First up Pheadra. What’s the status and why its taking so long?   Kandi say’s she heard it only takes 60 days for a divorce to go through when one party is in jail (you can all most hear Mama Joyce coming through her mouth) but Porsha steps in to defend Phaedra, stating that Apollo never wanted the divorce to be finalized, and that’s why it’s taking so long.

Cynthia ,talks about her divorce from Peter . She believes they’re close to signing.  She wants closure with Peter, but he simply wants to sign the paper and be over with it.   The ladies take turns consoling her.  Peace.

At the Lake

One thing is very clear, Sheree is a city girl. She’s one for wigs, weaves  makeup and nails.  She is not feeling  the bugs, lakes or boats. She is having a fit with nature. The rest of the ladies are enjoying the canoes and paddle boats. Sheree stays on the shore, trying to avoid the flying critters.


Easy peezy, just climb up some stairs, a hundred feet and jump.  Kenya’s excited, Phaedra Sheree, and Cynthia looks up and says “nope” out the gate.  Kenya goes for it and tries her damnedest  to make it look easy.  Kandi went and looked as if she Jumps daily. Porsha, take a leap of faith, cries up and cries down. Everyone is happy.

A Candlelight Dinner (cue scary music)

The table was beautiful, the ladies are dressed (glamping) . They reminisce about the day’s events and then…………..

Kenya apologizes (yet again) for hurting Marlo’s feelings.  The MARLO apologizes for going low about her mother. Kenya is moved.  Then (cue scary music) Marlo says she’ll move forward “with caution.” Then Marlo decides to take it there by  asking Kandi if she is a lesbian.

Are we all enjoying the salad ?

Every bodies eyes popped out with Kandi being the most confused. . Marlo clarifies that she heard the rumor from specific people in the group, which sends everyone into a fit trying to defend themselves.

Porsha and  Pheadra who started all this mess are quiet. Pheadra’s plan was to keep her mouth on the glass of wine she was drinking.    Porsha,  took the Owl route, by continually asking Who?

Sheree is pissed, fit to be tied and finally calls out Porsha, and everyone crack ups having to watch Porsha pretend to be surprised.  Shereé tells Kandi about when Porsha said, “She’s still in the closet.” Kandi shuts it all down, saying she’s “done things” with women in the past, but now she is strictly dickly for her husband. She adds that Porsha has her own experiences in the same area and won’t own up to it.

The Cool Down

The group divides into smaller groups.  In the rooms, they break it DOWN. Kandi vents her frustrations to Hazel, Kenya, and Cynthia, calling Porsha an “aggressive lesbian” when she gets drunk.   In another room , Porsha, Lauren, and Phaedra get upset over Kandi insinuating that Porsha has ever done something sexual with another woman.

Hope your taking note for the reunion.   For now I will call it LesbianGate!   Ellen, Rosie O Donnell and Wyand Sikes will break it down for us.

Coming soon Kim Zolciak, and possibly a woman named Leakes

Hot Damm!


Real Housewives of Atlanta S9 Ep 10 Uncharitable Behavior


Photo Google/ AJC

Before I start, I’m curious how many of you believe the relationship between Matt and Kenya?  I’ll touch on that later.

The episode began with Phaedra and her super intelligent son Aiden, preparing for her fundraiser in Atlanta, where she hopes to raise ten thousand dollars  for the children in Flint Michigan to attend summer camp.

Welcome Back Marlo Hampton

Before I go on, I must, I must, step into the wayback machine and take us back to this classic.

Time heals the best of fights and we see the former middleweights together shopping for window treatments.  Sheree say’s she admires Marlo’s taste and her designer Michelle is shopping for European items that are over her budget. (sigh-as you read this Sheree is not in the Chateau!)  As they were shopping, Marlo brings up her relationship with Kenya which might have been a friendship made for Bravo, at least for Kenya.  She tells Sheree , Kenya had a birthday party and didn’t invite Marlo, she learned about the party on Instagram. Kenya  didn’t invite her housewarming party. You know Sheree was loving this!   The Shady Lady of the one day Chateau added her own drop to the mix  and they both agreed Marlo was dropped cause Nene was there. This gave Sheree another opportunity to trash Moore and Moore Manor. A vintage Marlo might have asked-so when  are you moving into  YOUR house again?

Kenya and Matt

Image result for man on a big wheel

I asked you at the top of the page, “how many of you believe the relationship between Matt and Kenya?”

Once again we see Kenya looking at broken glass.  Not just her garage doors someone put a broke the glass on her Range Rover.

Now, I need your help here.  My good friend in head “judge judy” say’s it it doesn’t make sense, its probably not true.  Stay with me! 

Upon her discovery of the damage to her property.  Kenya calls Kandi, not the police, not the Sheriff department,Kandi!

 Kandi tells her to get a restraining order on Matt.  Kenya , says he’s not going to abide by the order. So Kandi asks her what would her dad tell her to do?.  She agrees, and does nothing!

Sorry no buying it. No Moore, No!   Matt, has broken out the windows, threaten her, slapped someone trying to get to her.   Sorry!  Nottttt buying it.  No maam!

Matt isn’t an innocent! clearly Home Cheese has issues.  Maybe he’s in love, Maybe he’s obsessed, Maybe its Maybelline!      The youngster on the big wheel dealing with a woman who might just be keeping him around for a storyline. (She’s done this before!)  Unlike the other man, Matt is ruining is young reputation in HD.   If he goes crazy, Kenya has texts, and film and voice mail, to put him in jail.   Sad, the boy don’t know.

Meanwhile in a turn of all turns, Kenya goes to Phaedra’s office asking for advice cause she knows Phaedra’s been there with Apollo.  The two actually talked like friends and Phaedra felt her pain and the two prayed together.

             By the way Kenya, were still waiting on that tear.  Moving the hell on.

Observation:  It looks like Kenya lives in a ravine, if you turn the wrong way off her drive way, there is a considerable drop.  I hope she installs a fence with reflectors.  Could be tricky in the fog.

Cynthia is Homeless

There are troubled waters with that house on the lake.  The first appraisal said the house was worth nearly a million dollars.  A second appraisal was closer to 700K, so now she is getting a third appraisal. No one want’s to pay too much.   Meanwhile Cynthia’s current  home sold in four days and she has to be out.   While she waits, Cynthia is going to stay in Moore Manor, and Noelle to stay with grand ma.   Noelle wants to stay at Moore Manor but Cynthia thinks there is too much drama at Moore Manor for her child.

Hi Kandi, how you doing?

With Matt being bat shit crazy. Kandi agrees to let Kenya stay in her Guest house.  Oh by the way Kandi, I chose not to put a restraining order on Matt AND Cynthia will be staying here too. How you doin? Kandi seemed okay with Cynthia staying, but also a little confused about it.  At least they wont be staying under the same roof.

Phaedra’s Charity Event

Now we know public events with the bravo ladies are going to be bad or worse. Marlo isn’t happy with Kenya. Will she cause Marlo to go there or will it just a war of words. While the ATL housewives have gotten physical at the reunions, on the street, who can forget Kim Zolciak’s wig being tilted by Sheree and Cynthia and Porsha on the boat last season.  So far the housewives in Atlanta have never fought at public events. Of the housewives franchises if you need a bit of hands on its Jersey, where the men, women and sometimes their children fight. A look back at the Housewives

I digress. Porsha is helping Phaedra by promoting the event on her radio show.   Everyone is on board with Phaedra pop up shop, however there was a bit of confusion on how much the ladies would keep.  Phaedra had originally said “a small percentage then said it was 50 percent, reminding the ladies it was going to charity.

All is fine with the world, the booths are set up, Kenya goes over the top with a large image of her self and her hair care products.

Marlo comes into the room, deliberately  avoiding Kenya and walks towards Sheree’s  table. Of course Kenya, famous for the last minute apology,comes over.   Marlo, is NOT feeling it.  “I just want to take a moment to apologize for not having the time to invite you to my housewarming party,”  Marlo said “not just that” “but it’s also your birthday party”  Kenya doesn’t say well because…..and the conversation dies.  Do we have a calmer Marlo or was be being respectful?

The directors threw a little shade on their own.  Priming the reunion, by saying who raised more, particularly Sheree, who raised more with her T-shirts than………..

Who’s gonna check who Boo at the reunion?


What do you think about Matt and Kenya.

Please Comment


Last week Matt slaps a driver an a Lacky calls Kandi Fake !




‘RHOA” S8 Ep8 ‘There’s No Business Like Friend Business’

Perhaps the people at Bravo thought we needed a break from the last couple of episodes so they gave us one tonight.

Kenya needing attention from a man creates a profile online.  At one point she meets up with Marlo to work out at the gym where there is a young trainer who is interested.   Kenya goes out, where they play a game of basketball.     No one has to leave a tip.

Cynthia gets flowers from Peter who drives from Charlotte for a date with his wife.

Stay Awake!  I had too!

Roger Bobb, Roger Bobb, Roger Bobb,

(Love dat name-one more time)


You remember him from last season. The questionable  of Boyfriend of Demetria McKinney.  It seems Kandi wrote some music for her album a Duet and the producers want a video featuring the two of them.  Don (no I don’t believe that his real name either-somewhere there is a mother screaming “Derrick” bring back my change! ) Juan.

On the set Don Juan is being protective is Kandi, he’s also being pro-shady.   She old, has to watch herself. or Tech-shady.

 Member Bunn?

(they broke out the oldies and the moldies last night)

Bunn was Apollo’s friend and Pheadra’s go to guy when Apollo had her hemmed up in the garage.   It was either the Bunn or the Po Po. Bunn brought gifts for the boys and aired Apollo’s concerns.  “He dont get to talk to his boy’s yausa yausa yausa. Phaedra calls her man her lier.

You will need your Hankie for this. I used my shirt!

I don’t remember seeing a Nanny, so all the props has to go to Phaedra.   Her sons are well spoken.    Phaedra is driving Aiden to his first day of Kindergarden.   She has him all dressed up in a Bow Tie  (his Tux was in the cleaners-you know this is Phaedra)   She asks him how he’s feeling heading to his first day of kindergarten, and he says he’s scared because “I want you to go wherever I go.”  (oh shit!) Phaedra promptly starts tearing up.  She says she’s scared, too, that she’s letting her baby go off, and he whimpers, “I’m still gonna be your baby,”  They pray together ( Damm-I need a moment and my shirt!)

Porsha, Porsha, Porsha

Porsha is not dumb.  Or is she?    She does, little things and says little things that makes your head tilt.    Just an observation, she pours bottled water into a mug and drinks it.  (perhaps it just me) .

Remember her man, her boo, her little Duky?   Apparently, neither does she.   She’s face timing it with her Salvadorian who has dated black women but hasn’t gotten serious.   Oliver likes her boobs and ass.   ending here.


The Main Event

Don Juan is NO Peter Thomas

Its the Video Release party.  The husbands are there, this time Kim Fields husband (sorry cant remember his name)

Speaking of Kim Fields, she gets dressed up and that ani’t good.  She goes for Pretty Women and hits Golden Girls.   Shorts, sequins, thigh high boots.  (computer says “NO”)

The vid looks good.  Todd tells Kandi another Grammy ( Computer say No!)


The husband’s sit together. Before their asses can hit the chair. Peter mentions the money Phaedra owes Todd.  Todd runs with it and Kim Fields husband looks as if he doesn’t know what to do next.

Phaedra asks Todd to meet with her at her office, case closed moving on.

 Don Juan will not earn a peach or pre peach tonight.  The pre peach belongs to Peter Thomas, who knows how to piss off the ladies one by one.     

Outside as they wait for their cars Phaedra is giving Porsha and a few of the ladies background on the Todd situation, its basic talk as they wait.   Don Juan, appears near the end of their conversations and buts in.  He’s supporting his friends right? Nah, he’s just being messy!  He goes off on nothing.  Porsha tried to tell him he was missing some details  but the fool kept flapping him gums with no information, trying to be relevant.

Don Juan didn’t get any traction with these ladies.  Phaedra denied his existence so he zoomed in on Porsha   Who tried to tell him to calm down and he screams she needs to calm down!  Little Porsha laughed at him and”told him to get some water and some rest”

Like go sit down Bitch!

Epic fail! He couldn’t get Porsha turned up!

Can Someone say Ouch!







The Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA) Season 8 Episode 1 “Bringng Shady Back!”

Eight seasons, this time without the mouth  Nene Leaks. The official title of this episode is “The Shades of it”.  I have renamed it bringing shady back.   This season the big news is the newest cast member, Kim Fields who we will officially meet next week. But the real news is who they dusted up.   Danger Shade  ” Marlo Hampton’ and the wonderful  Chateau and Fashionless Shade ‘

Everyone stand for

“Miss Sheree Whitfield “

“The Let’s Be Clear File”

Porsha has her “Peach back and is no longer second class.

Kenya will continue to earn her coins, by stirring the cauldron.

The Cynthia and Peter drama will have a large role this season.

Pheadra is s-l-o-w-l-y fading.

The filler file

Kandi and Todd are expecting. Kandi being over 35 needs to slow down, which in her case means, no more hand  washing clothes in the cement pond.   No shade, Kandi has the real money, but you have never seen cooks, or staff.  She does her own wash.

Apollo tells Todd, Phaedra is calling once a month. Phaedra is still considering a divorce.

Kandi and Phaedra are still on the outs. Porsha has replaced Nene as her bosom buddy.   Todd is storing Apollo’s things while he is locked up in the joint.  Meanwhile, Todd is suddenly pissed over money Phaedra owns them from a Work out video some two seasons ago.  ahhhhhhh

Porsha is dating a twenty four year old she met on social media.  She want to be a Sugah Momma !   oy!

Chateau Kenya?

Kenya buys a home in posh Buckhead near the infamous Chateau Sheree.  She takes her pal Cynthia to see her new place.  As neighbors, she wonders if Sheree would come by to ask for coffee or money for the light bill?

She says “people” have called the Chateau Sheree an eyesore.

But it was Cynthia who saw an eyesore.  Kenya’s Palace is a boarded up eyesore with exposed wood and wires which could do double duty as a crack shack.       Cynthia response was church lady classic.     Oh?

You want Drama, You Got Drama!

Someone filmed Peter hugged up some with young thang at his newest Bar One location in Charlotte. In the video, they look like they were kissing and at one point Mr Thomas hand felt the curves of her mammaries.  The vid went viral.

Peters infidelity has been questioned in the past, but here it is in HD.  Cynthia is not pleased especially since she questioned the infidelity of Apollo. Opps shocka locka!

This is not an Happy Face!

Peter did his worse to play it off.  Basically what your seeing,didn’t really happen.  Then he tried to walk away.  A tone that said , she could actually kill me.  Peter sat down!     Cynthia was angry and humiliated.

Meanwhile the ladies were licking their chops.  Everybody Talkin!

Malorie, her wonderful comforting sister who you know cant stand Peter.  Asked her if she was attacked to Peter nakkid?


Not sure what his being Nakkid? But Hey its MALORIE!

“The Main Event”

Cynthia’s launches her fashion eye wear event. The rooftop party is packed. Everyone is there except Cynthia. The gums were flapping about Peters video.

Peter enters and is attacked by Kenya who is defending her girl.  Peter has attitude,like yeah I was caught, Fuck You!  Kenya wasn’t feeling it!

Express Mal

Kenya and Malorie shares the Kenya confrontation with the other women.  Then Malorie, her wonderful comforting sister, tells the ladies that her sister is utterly revolted by Peter’s naked body.  Now you know this is going to be some shit down the road (someone needs to run over Mal with a golf cart) .

Everybody Said!

Marlo Hampton makes her entrance. Looking good and wanting free stuff.  Then in a dramatic fail (sorry Bravo) we see Ms Sheree Whitfield, she greeted everyone (air kisses my friends) seemed happy to be back

(Cue Scary Music)

Kenya and Sheree are relative strangers.  So a confused Sheree learns that Kenya is a neighbor and that everyone hates her because she’s been building her house for four years.  Then Kenya went all in screaming about how Sheree’s bitch ass can’t move in yet!

Everybody Kenya?

Well one neighbor? uh huh!

Now we all know, Sheree is not the one!

After a few bitch asses, the ladies had to separate the two after all this WAS Cynthia’s Event.

Baby!, Baby!, Baby!

At one point Cynthia looked like a no-show to her own event. But a beautiful Ms Bailey made “THE ENTRANCE”

She came down this winding staircase wearing an white and gold caftan and Gold (I got dis heels). At one point she sweeps that caftan over her should to reveal she is wearing a white bikini underneath and the bod is sick!

She made it clear to the world to Atlanta and to Peter (who said she showed her ass)

The”Lyrics from TLC” says it best

Baby, Long as you know that I could have any man I want to
Baby that’s actual and factual
But still I choose you to be with me
And work on me so you better not flake it up


Next Week Enter M’s Kim Fields

Real Housewives of Atlanta(ep21) The Softening of Monster Joyce?

By: CityFella

I hate myself for saying this……..

Many people love their dogs. For many they’re more than a pet, they are one of the family as loved as much as one would love a child.

I couldn’t get into Kenya Moore histrionics about her dog Velvet. I know she loves Velvet.  But as much as I wanted to feel her pain I kept thinking Marlo Hampton.  (her acting skills)  I’m looking for BIG tears to match the BIG sounds.

 Nene,Porsha and Meryl Streep

I’m not loving the Queen Bee this season.  In this episode she travels out to LA to meet with her manager whom she calls short on several occasions.    Nene is joining the ranks of stars and near stars and starting a clothing line.

She has a clothing line coming up on The Home Shopping Network and the manager brings a few sketches for review.

Nene tells her manager she wants to work, and haven’t read the scripts coming her way,  she doesn’t want to do comedy and she doesn’t want to go to acting school because is much too busy.

 ( Everyone say it with me-DOING WHAT?)

Nene’s convinced that some acting classes actually take away from your natural abilities  ( Better watch your back Meryl-Nene coming for ya)

As an actress, I am presented with all kinds of offers.  Television… for film… for theater.  And everything isn’t right for me. I’ve left millions of dollars on the table. I just choose to do things that I feel will elevate me, as opposed to things that will keep me in the same place.”

Nene as a fan I’ve watch you on Glee and Near Normal- Acting Classes Stat!

On the last episode, Despite her blank resume, Porsha made it clear that she was the star of Kandi’s play, she had a list of demands that included her own dressing room.    Kandi’s team isn’t happy with her work ethics, she and her stage manager Lark was clearly not impressed.   Pierre, one of the producers wasn’t impressed with Porsha’s vocals in the recording studio.  She has missed rehearsals.

A defiant Porsha blames Kandi’s team for dropping the ball and gets her team (her sister Lauren) on the phone.   Turns out team Porsha dropped the ball and is running in the street after it.

Kandi, use the understudy. 

Can Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore save Phaedra and Apollo?

Its couples night and Phaedra who is nearing the end of her classes at the morticians school throws a clay pot.  Ala Patrick and Demi.

(Is it me, are we seeing less of less of this couple?)

“Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” 

Peter Thomas doesn’t have the best track record.  His club “Uptown” failed  a few years ago.  His second venture Bar One is shaky, on last night episode.  His wife Cynthia learns the building housing Bar One and her business might be facing foreclosure in a blog.

Cynthia has used her income to help finance both ventures.

It seems while Peter has been paying the rent, the owner was not sending those payments  to the bank.   Cynthia initially believed Peter was buying the building and do not have the cash on hand to buy the building now.

Peter assures Cynthia it will all work out.

The Softening of Monster Joyce? 

You have to feel for Todd, Kandi’s fiance.  The man had been dragged through the mud by Kandi’s mom (the former Mama Joyce).

Kandi and Monster Joyce meets separately with a counselor.  Kandi still respects her mom and has difficulty going against her.   This is the second time the two had been in counseling, Monster didn’t approve of the last fiance.

What we learned, Monster lost a child and admitted she may be over protective of Kandi and while she didn’t clearly state why she dislikes Todd,she was clear Kandi had gained 30 pounds.

I am sure Todd gained supporters last night when he spoke to Monster Joyce.    She said she didn’t respect him because he quit his job, and from her view he was living off her daughter.  He explained the nature of his job and he had a few coins of his own.    He also made it clear that he wants a complete loving family and that one day she would love him. (Pass a tissue)


Is Peter Thomas Acting Like a Bitch?