Married 2 Medicine Houston: Diversity finds its way to Bravo

Diversity in Hollywood often means A person of color, usually black. For years there there was only one box for a person of color and black person filled it. ¬† While there is still the one box,now Latins and gays compete with blacks for that single box. ¬†Asian females may find an occasional role butContinue reading “Married 2 Medicine Houston: Diversity finds its way to Bravo”

Prescription for Understanding

Dr. Erika Sato      Photo Google Words used during the first few minutes of initial meeting can often determine you future.  Words…… I am a fan of Bravo’s newest, reality show “Married To Medicine Houston” it is one of the most diverse shows on television.  Principle female cast members include an African american ,Continue reading “Prescription for Understanding”