Edith and me

I met Edith 35 years ago in  her home in  Lodi California.  She and my future father in law lived in an upstairs apartment in a building where she worked, a few blocks from downtown.  Her first indirect words to me, was “does IT have an off switch?  A victim of my non stop chatter. OurContinue reading “Edith and me”

Sept 15, 1973 -Introducing Sue Ann Nivens

The role of Sue Ann Nivens was not specifically written for Betty White, but script #73 of the series (“The Lars Affair”, originally aired September 15, 1973)called for an “icky sweet Betty White type”. The show’s casting director decided to approach the star herself, who with her then husband Allen Ludden was already good friends with Mary TylerContinue reading “Sept 15, 1973 -Introducing Sue Ann Nivens”

Who’s Funny? (Ladies)

We ask the pros Can a pretty girl be funny? MARGARET CHO (Lifetime’s upcoming Drop Dead Diva): I remember seeing beautiful girls do stand-up, and it was a disaster every time. Not only were people not gonna listen to you because you’re a woman, if you’re good-looking, people really don’t want to listen to you. SUSIE ESSMANContinue reading “Who’s Funny? (Ladies)”