Brian Hounslow didn’t realize he was in the Women’s Restroom at Wal Mart

When you gotta go and go right now, you have certain expectations.  If your 61 year old Beth Davis  your not expecting to see a nude man in the women’s restroom of a Tulsa,Oklahoma Wal Mart at 830 in the morning. According to police documents, the grandmother of eight saw 37 year old Brian Hounslow  amusing hisContinue reading “Brian Hounslow didn’t realize he was in the Women’s Restroom at Wal Mart”

Let’s Talk About Sex, Texas

 BY CAROLINE LINTON/The Daily Beast Four new sex columnists for the UT Austin’s Daily Texan are titillating students with masturbation how-to’s and ‘freak in the sheets’ tell-alls. Cue the conservative backlash. University of Texas Austin students better take note they next time they’re on a date—their escapades might just end up in the Daily Texan, the 100-year-old campusContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Sex, Texas”

Charles Hamilton and Teddy Bears, its fascination I know

If you like Teddy Bears, you should stop reading here. Okay, you were warned….. Meet Charles Hamilton of Cincinnati Ohio.  No one is quite sure if its fascination or love of the cute Teddy Bears…..    Last Wednesday, he was arrested for disorderly conduct with a T-Bear.   This wasn’t his first arrest.     In February 2010, aContinue reading “Charles Hamilton and Teddy Bears, its fascination I know”

We don’t do THAT in Niceville!

Some fourteen year old’s find inspiration in church but not many.   So what do you do when your parents insist you go to church?  Masturbate?   At least that’s what one fourteen year old boy did Sunday in the sanctuary of the  First United Methodist Church in Niceville, Florida. He was bored and its wasn’t like this was the firstContinue reading “We don’t do THAT in Niceville!”

Is Monogamy The Best Policy?

I recently came across an article asserting that monogamy is so difficult that many couples may be better off having open marriages, as long as they can agree upon the rules. Am I too mired down in traditional values, or is this idea ludicrous? Is sex outside of marriage not considered an “affair” if your spouseContinue reading “Is Monogamy The Best Policy?”

Tabasco Sauce Gets a Rise from Airline Passenger

Meet Rafael Escamilla. a nice upstanding man from FLORIDA. (Doesn’t he look like a baseball coach?) Mr Escamilla was planning to visit family in  Idaho before he was arrested . It seems he spilled some Tabasco sauce on his person before boarding the Skywest flight in Salt Lake City.   The sauce was meant for his eggs…….. HeContinue reading “Tabasco Sauce Gets a Rise from Airline Passenger”

William Tyler Black can NEVAH pleasure himself in a WalMart Again

The Florida man arrested after he was caught masturbating in the toy aisle of a Walmart with the aid of a Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue has cut a plea deal that bars him from future visits to the retail giant “or any store where children’s toys are sold,” court records show. As part of aContinue reading “William Tyler Black can NEVAH pleasure himself in a WalMart Again”

ITS FRIDAY: That means it’s ” Topless Woman Masturbating in Minivan day”

Timing is everything.      Meet Vicki Myers….   M’s Myers and her three children were staying at Naperville,Ill  Red Roof Inn.    Needing some alone time, she stepped in her Chrysler Mini Van to celebrate a  moment in her life. A Naperville officer who was in the area responding to an unrelated call spotted a toplessContinue reading “ITS FRIDAY: That means it’s ” Topless Woman Masturbating in Minivan day””