Did “Nigger” Sink The Real Housewives of Auckland?

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It might have been a filler.  “The Real Housewives of Auckland premiered on Bravo in July. (it airs Saturdays at noon.)  Even at this obscure hour, Auckland has found an audience.  Interest is growing via social media.

 Auckland first and only season premiered in New Zealand August 2016 to solid numbers and good reviews.

The Real Housewives of Auckland is this year’s most entertaining TV


Then it happened in Episode 6 “Healing Hands”  we don’t actually hear the word but it was said.

Michelle Blanchard, Gilda Kirkpatrick and Julia Sloane planning to sunbathe in the bikinis on the front of the boat.  Gilda asked Michelle for a hand.  Julia, trying to be funny ,said “Michelle isn’t your boat nigger.  There wasn’t any malice or real intent, but it was beyond wrong and Julia was justifiably called on the carpet for it.    This episode caused a firestorm in New Zealand with some  politicians saying Sloane’s remark was not acceptable and does not represent the country.

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Bravo in a unusual action: Cancelled all advertising.  In America, many advertisers would be clamoring for ad space.  Before the episode aired, the network released a statement on the issue saying, “We have taken this matter very seriously. Bravo has given much consideration to ensuring the events are accurately represented, in order that the context of the remark and subsequent events can be fully understood. While the nature of Bravo programming is unscripted, it is a deeply regrettable incident which we are endeavoring to deal with in a responsible manner

In Bravo’s other franchise’s Bravo may have found mileage in the controversy.  In New Zealand, even though Michelle Blanchard was destroyed, she didn’t allow the word to defeat her.  In the next episode , Michelle met with Julia Sloane, who at one point tried to become the victim,she told Julia how despicable the word is .  She put the matter to rest.  The two will never be bosom buddies and Julia’s use of the word will never be forgotten but Michelle thought the two could peaceably co-exist.

The show opened with good ratings however there was a large drop in ratings ,after controversial episode.

There was no reunion show, however  all the cast members are reportedly under contract for three years Bravo could bring the show back.

There is considerable and growing interest in the show.

Could American interest bring back a New Zealand TV show?