The Real Housewives of Atlanta:Baby Nups and Breakups

This episode was much do about nothing.  We began with Porsha,who bonded with boy toy possibly baby daddy Todd (not to be confused with Kandi’s Todd Tucker-however anything is possible before the reunion)in Hawaii who is drafting a baby nup. They have toyed with how the baby would look and other silly things couples asContinue reading “The Real Housewives of Atlanta:Baby Nups and Breakups”

Nigger (Part 10145) Nigga (Part 27)

By:CityFella The world stopped for a brief moment. For a few seconds the people in Concourse B, at the busy Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport between Gates 23 and 25 was in a state of suspended animation after two white girls screamed ¬†there’s my nigga to a black girl. ¬† The white girls had that suburbanContinue reading “Nigger (Part 10145) Nigga (Part 27)”