Reality to Reality: Only a Reality Star can Moderate the next Presidential Debate

The last Presidential debate was a circus where Donald Trump was the star, Martha Raddatz and Anderson Cooper did their very best to contain the Businessman/Reality Star. Lester Holt, was fair at best trying to contain the Trumpster.   Fox’s Chris Wallace will take his turn at the desk at the third and final debateContinue reading “Reality to Reality: Only a Reality Star can Moderate the next Presidential Debate”

Crime Quickee: Perhaps they will be Cellmates

Andre Pearson and Cortez Quinn “But you got to have friends The feeling’s oh, so strong You got to have friends To make that day last long” Twin Rivers Unified trustee Cortez Quinn and his DNA bud Andre Pearson plead no contest.  They both face jail time.  Whats the hubub? Read the Juicy Details below reading “Crime Quickee: Perhaps they will be Cellmates”

Not mine, that child is ugly!

Ok lets agree  Jian Feng isn’t they nicest guy in town.   After the birth of his daughter, Jian assumed his wife had an affair.   After all that cant be his baby, this baby is ugly! He ordered a DNA test and before you could say Maury Povich, he WAS  the father! His wife said she had aContinue reading “Not mine, that child is ugly!”